anyone lead an AMA (ask me anything) on Verint Forums?


We are preparing an ask-me-anything AMA on our Verint-based community. Others might call this a "knowledge jam".   I've designed these AMAs on other platforms, but never Verint.
Has anyone?  Any tips or examples on how you structured it, and promoted it, in the Verint forums?


  • We are thinking about doing the same thing and I came out here to ask this very question!

    Did you come up with an idea? Happy to share what we might do. Right now we are in very early discussions. 

  • I would like to know this as well! Have you launched this? Happy to share any ideas as we are evaluating options. 

  • Yeah! We've done a few on Verint and they've gone wonderfully. So far my favorite application for them has actually been a blog article since it allows us to introduce the person, ghost write the article for them (if needed), and have a nice clean threaded conversation in the comments.

    We ended up pairing it with an e-mail blast to the targeted audience (good way to get them into the community), plus a feature on the content carousel on the main page, and some targeted person-to-person conversations to raise awareness and excitement.

    Happy to answer any other questions about it!

  • Fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing the feedback! We were debating blog versus discussion but I do prefer the clean look of the blog and the ability to ghost write! 

    Thanks for also outlining you communication plan to launch the sessions! Targeted conversations is something I never thought about! 

  • Hi Stephanie,  We are still planning this, for next month.  We were planning to create a discussion category for this, but seeing the good ideas from  we may rethink and look at the blog.  I will also be happy to share the results.

  • Thanks for sharing.   We're going to test the blog, but we are trying to drive activity in the forums  (we have a professional collaboration community).    How did you do "targeted person-to-person conversations to raise awareness?"  Was that using the direct messaging somehow?  

  • The targeted person-to-person conversations were us identifying people who were very passionate and prolific in the community and giving them a bit of 1-on-1 attention so they'd help us get others in there. These people ended up being the first to participate in the AMA and actually engaged with other users as they asked questions, therefore generating a super busy and welcoming environment with lots and lots of momentum.

    You could certainly use a forum too. I think it's really up to your own personal preferences and how your users work in the space you provide.

  • I agree with the blog is a great way to serve up an AMA. This is going to be our approach with some of our experts in our product groups. We have tested the concept and will implement with our new community. Visitors and the person who is the subject of the AMA can turn comment notifications on to be notified each time someone comments. If the AMA host has Live Alert checked in their notifications this makes it easier to know when to visit the blog to answer questions. Also the blog carousel is a slick way to feature the blog on your home or group pages.

  • Thanks Lisa for the detailed tips on how how to do the AMA blogs!  We'll probably try both approaches.  On the one hand, we want to get engagement in the forums.... but your experiences with the blogs is compelling.  I'll be happy to come back and let you know how it goes in December.