Telligent Community is a community platform that provides an integrated suite of modern community applications such as forums, blogs, wikis, ideation, media galleries, and calendars with a fully customized user experience and RESTful platform APIs. 

To get more documentation, API references, training or to ask a question about a specific Telligent Community release, select the release below:

Telligent Community 10.x

The most recent release, Telligent Community 10.1, is now available and includes performance and customization improvements on top of threaded comment and forum support.

Telligent Community 9.x

Telligent Community 9.x introduced the updated management and administration UI with significant improvements to widget authoring.

Telligent Community 8.x

Telligent Community 8.x introduced the Social theme with better mobile support.

Telligent Community Archive

Use the archive to review documentation and questions related to earlier versions of Telligent Community.

Ideas and Suggestions

Have an idea for a new or improved feature for Telligent Community? Add it here: Suggest an idea

Telligent Analytics 4.x User Documentation

Documentation for the 4.x release of Telligent Analytics that works with all current releases of Telligent Community.