How do we give mobile the full RTE experience? Menus and Options are Missing

Here's an example:

There's only "Paragraph" and text alignment, with inserting content.

How do we get the rest to appear?

This is what you see on a desktop environment:

This lack of options severely hinders mobile interaction and content creation.

This is the same behaviour in our instance of the Verint community.

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  • On mobile/touch-enabled devices, you can open the management panel by swiping from the left side of the screen.

    Wow, there is nothing on screen that shows or suggests this at all at present. That doesn't work for me, swiping from the side in the browser acts as the "back" or "go back" functionality.

    In this screen recording you can see the touch registers to the actions I am doing, and that there's an orange '2' in the corner to denote admin notifications:

    The mobile pattern configured on Editor Options is only used to determine which configuration (desktop or mobile) to provide. It is not used by other functionality.

    Thanks for confirming.