How do I set up Redirects in 12.x ?

How do I set up a simple redirect?

I want the link here:

to go to here:

On every other platform I have used, this has been a simple task. Yet with Verint, the user documentation around this issue is all out of date, referring to menus that do not exist - much like the documentation for almost everything else. It also seems absurd to me that in 2021, user documentation can be uploaded without any images for reference.

  • Hi Zak,

    I'm sorry for the troubles your experiencing! You are a hosted customer so there are a few options for you.

    1) Since you are hosted by us, our team can put in IIS redirects on your behalf. If you open a ticket and let them know what needs to be done, they can do so.

    2) We have a URL Redirect widget you can use:  URL Redirect and drop on any page you want to redirect from. Here is what that looks like:

    We have this in place on that URL you see in my screenshot. I see this view since I am an admin:

    but everyone is just redirected on to:

    We place a heavy emphasis on documentation and are constantly adding to it. I'm disappointed to hear we do not have what you are looking for. Would you mind sharing what you are finding lacking so that we could improve upon it? We always want to help, so thank you for reaching out to let us know so that we can do better. While we have as much as possible here in this community including documentation, training videos, and these forums, should you not find the answer you're looking for, do feel free to send a note to your CSM or myself and we can point you in the right direction.

    Thank you for being a customer!

  • Would you mind sharing what you are finding lacking so that we could improve upon it?

     I just created  Redirect URL front-end configuration UI to include some of what I think  may be looking for on this question, but I noticed that  Shortened URLs didn't exist in the 11.x docs, so I assume it may also be missing from the 12.x docs. If Zak took the same search pathway to get to that 10.x doc that I did, it could be a source of confusion.

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