Article Status Messages

Verint Community supports posting Status Messages within a group and to the entire community.

The Activity Stream provides a compilation of status messages, application activities (such as blog posts), media previews, and comments. Hashtags and Mentions can be used in status messages and comments on status messages.

How Status Messages work

You can post a Status Message using the Quick Post Widget or via the "New" tab (on the site home page or a group home page).

Status Message display depends upon context. For example, if you post your Status Message in a group, that status will get picked up on the site level and group level Activity Story Stream. But if you post  a status on the site home page, that post won't get picked up on the Group Activity Story Stream. Even if you include a Mention of a group from the site Activity Story Stream, that mention will not appear in the Group Activity Story Stream, but it will be listed under the group mentions list.

Leave a Status Message

  1. Click on the +New tab, or type a message in the "Leave a message" field.
  2. Hit Enter on the keyboard. The Status Message will be displayed.

Delete your Status Message

  1. Under your Status Message, click More.
  2. Click Delete.

Comment on a Status Message

Under the Status Message, click Comment and type your comment. Hit Enter.

Like a Status Message

Under the Status Message, click Like. The tool changes to Unlike and displays a message that you liked the post.