Article Leaderboards

  • Leaderboards are entirely based upon points.  They cannot be scoped to different activities. The leaderboard cannot differentiate between why the points were awarded.  If a user received 250 points for answering questions and another 250 for asking questions, and a second user received 500 for answering questions, the leaderboard would not be able to tell you which one was the better question answerer, it would just see them both as having 500 points.
  • That said, you could elect to only award points for one activity, perhaps a verified answer and nothing else. This would turn leaderboards into a top verified answer board, but that would prevent the points and leaderboards from being used for any other activities.
  • Automations (How do I configure automations for my community? ) could be used to award points.  For example, you could define when an answer to a question is verified award x points to the user who submitted the answer.  Depending on how complex a setup you wanted, you could go further to make the rules more specific and awards points only if the user is in a specific role, or change the amount of points for the award based upon the group they were in.  That may be difficult to maintain over time, but it is an option.
  • The Leaderboard Leaders Job aggregates all of the point transactions for each leaderboard, so on a test site with a small amount of data, it should not be a problem to shorten the leaderboard calculation job to every few minutes for testing purposes.

Leaderboards display the top users based upon points earned across the site or within a specific group.What are Points and how do I change or manage points? 

  • Leaderboards defined via the Administration Panel are global and all points received anywhere on the site are included when determining leaders for these boards.
  • Leaderboards defined at the group level are scoped to that group and only points received within that group are included when determining leaders.

Leaderboards offer three review time periods for determining leaders

  • All Time
  • Specific Date Range
  • Recent Time Period (i.e. a rolling interval, the last 30-days)

Leaderboards can be limited based upon member roles

  • Users to Include (by role)
  • Users to Exclude (by role)

When creating a Leaderboard you define how many leaders will be displayed, and can set start and end dates for the leaderboard to be presented.

Leaderboard results can be exported to a .csv file

There are Leaderboard APIs (Leader REST Endpoints )

The Leaderboard calculation Job can be configured to run on different variables as well. Click Pencil > Jobs > search for Leaderboard which will bring up the Leaderboard Leaders job > Click the name to have the section expand> Click Edit.

Since Leaderboards are based upon Points, you might want to check the same Jobs area for Point > Point Transaction User Totals > click it to expand > Click Edit. This is the job that calculates user's total points. For this community it is currently set to run every few hours with at least 1 hour in between runs.