Article What are Points and how do I change or manage points?

The Member Points System is a simple rating system that awards members configurable achievements for community participation (such as ratings, posts, replies, downloads, friends, wiki comments and edits, and new pages) as well as some quality factors (verified answers, ratings, and bookmarked post).

Points are administered within Administration > Membership > Points. Point rewards can be added/removed or adjusted on a per member basis.

Points work with Automations

As part of the definition of a point reward, an automation rule can be selected and configured to enable Verint Community to automatically award and revoke points.

Update Existing Point Awards

When you change the number of points to award field, you will be presented with an option to apply the point value change retroactively to existing point awards.

Out of the box point rewards

Verint Community includes a number of default point rules out of the box. This initial list can be adjusted to meet the needs of a community.

Action Reward

Accepting a friend request

100 points

Authoring a blog post

5 points

Authoring a forum thread

5 points

Authoring a media file

5 points

Authoring a wiki page

40 points

Commenting on a blog post

15 points

Commenting on a media file

15 points

Commenting on a wiki page

5 points

Editing a wiki page

20 points

Rating a blog post

6 points

Rating a forum reply

6 points

Rating a forum thread

6 points

Rating a media file

6 points

Verifying an answer

20 points

Replied to a discussion

2 points

Started a discussion

2 points

Verified an anaswer

10 points

Points display

A user's points are displayed in two places:

  • On his/her Profile page. Clicking on the points will show a page with the full listing of the points the user has earned, including the specific action taken to earn the points.
  • In the User - Hover over his/her username.