Article What is a forum?

A forum is a format for discussions (such as opinions) and Q&A (such as how-to) questions. 

How is a forum different from other applications?

All of a forum's content is crowdsourced. This is different from a blog, whose material is authored by specified authors; from a wiki in that a wiki page's author is a permissioned person in the community and in a gallery, whose content is furnished by gallery owners. A gallery has nearly unlimited media space, limited only by the setup of the community. Both forums and galleries have RSS.

A Telligent forum has 2 features that aren't in any other application:

  • Suggested answer/verified answer. The author of a reply can click Suggest as answer, which turns the thread header yellow. If another user clicks "This helps me," the answer (depending on thresholds determined in Administration) becomes a verified answer and the question header turns green. (However the answered status can be rejected.)
  • "I have this question too." This feature on a forum thread question has a counter which increases whenever someone checks the "I have this question too" check box; checking this check box increases a counter displaying the number of people who've also had the question.

 How do I create a forum?

Please follow the instructions on the What is an application? article.