Article What is an application?

An application is a Telligent Community program (not a widget) that members use to manipulate data by creating it, posting it, commenting on it, viewing it, or deleting it. If you think of a group as a neighborhood in the Telligent Community, an application is a city block.

  Creating Applications

  • When you create a group, Verint Community offers the option to add applications to the new group.
  • Once a group has been created, additional applications can be added as necessary through the following steps:
    • Click on Pencil Icon > Manage Group > Applications > Add Application 
    • From the list provided select the type of Application you wish to add
    • Enter a Name and, optionally a Description, for the new application
    • Complete other fields if offered
    • Click Save

Note that:

  • A group directly owns the content created within it. For example, a group's blog application owns its blog posts.
  • An application can be moved to another group by changing the group in application configuration.

Types of Applications

There are eight types of applications in Verint Community. These types are described below:

Name Description Typical Uses

An application for distributing news or expressing a point of view. 

A location within a member's group where he/she and other authors can distribute news or write commentary on a specific topic or expertise. Readers of the content can often comment on the content. 
 Calendar  Event calendaring.  Used to originate and manipulate calendars and events, activity stream reporting of all calendar and event activity, geocoding (location services), and search. A calendar event can provide an invitation, attendance information, location details, and reservation information.
 Forum  Discussions and/or question and answers.  Discussion threads advocate an opinion or point of view, or start a discussion of a subject. Q&A threads are used to solicit answers or opinions for a question and aim (through the "I have this question too" tool) to build consensus. Q&A posts are answered using replies, suggested answers, and verified answers. 
 Ideation  Idea generation and evaluation. Ideation poses challenges to stimulate idea creation; records idea generation; allows voting and commenting, and provides for idea triage and status notation. 
 Gallery  File upload, comment, and download tool. A gallery is a group location to display files. Nearly any kind of image or document file can be uploaded (including by drag and drop) into the gallery. Members may then comment on the file or download it. 
 Wiki  Content creation, editing, and deletion.  Allows for collaborative or individual content creation (such as reference articles), editing, or deletion. Supports commenting and contains a revision history for comparing document versions. 
 Article Collection  Content collaboration, categories, workflow, publish groups An article collection can be composed of articles written by community members and offers an approval workflow. Article collections have categories for navigation, publish groups to allow publishing multiple articles simultaneously, and drafts that can be edited multiple times without creating new versions until the draft is published.
 Knowledge Collection  Knowledge content synchronized from a Verint Knowledge Management site. This application is only available in Telligent Community 10.2 or later and requires an active, licensed Verint Knowledge Management 15.3 or higher site.  Once you  connect your community to Knowledge Management, you can create knowledge collections to logically display knowledge content within your community.