Media gallery interaction download report number calculation

We launched a new Media Gallery around Nov 29-30 that is publicly accessible. Each Gallery File is a YouTube or link so that it displays on the gallery file page and the user can watch the video directly in the community.

Looking at the Interactions report, the "Downloads" count skyrocketed starting Nov 30 and it seems this is mostly tied to this group. The traffic is almost 100% anonymous which is higher than expected too (I'd expect high, but not THAT high). In addition, many of the timestamps on the downloads are duplicated:

This leads to a few questions:

  1. Does anyone have an explanation of how these downloads are being counted and why the timestamps are so overlapped? Is it possible to clean this up or to get the "real" numbers?
  2. If an embedded YouTube video is watched from a media gallery, should that count as a download in v11?  Is there a way to track .mp4 plays from the media gallery makes it seem like no, but I'm unsure. 

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