Unfiltered HTML - Locked for Group Owner, Not for Admin

Hoping this is a simple answer. In one of my groups, the owner asked me to add an unfiltered HTML widget for them. I dropped it in there and made sure it's functional. When they head into the group, the widget shows as "Locked". When I look at the widget, it is definitely not locked. I've dug deep into permissions and I can't find any logical reason this is occurring. What do I need to change?

Here's my view.

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  • Widgets do not have individual permissions to govern accessibility. Widgets are locked either because they are locked in the default version of the page (which forces the inclusion and configuration in all group pages) or the widget is not enabled for use within the group theme. 

    Widget accessibility is defined by theme type (for example, "Groups") in Administration > Interface > Widget Availibility > Groups and ensure that Unfiltered HTML is allowed. Note that allowing it here will allow any user who can edit a group theme to use this widget. 

    Users with the site level "Modify Theme" permission always have access to all widgets. Otherwise, the Widget Availability options govern which widgets are available.