Retrieve and export a list of all group members?

I have a Private group in my community where access has been granted to all members of a certain SSO-defined role. The way it is configured, authenticated users with this role can view and generally interact with any content automatically.

However, these users are not automatically members of the group (by design), and therefore are not receiving subscription notifications and/or digests to be proactively be alerted of new content. 

My organization wants to get a list of current group members (people who have JOINED the group) to cross-reference against all people who should be members and reach out to the ones who haven't joined. 

The "members" page of the groups (with the Group - Members List widget) doesn't give an export option, and neither does the Admin menu > Manage Group > Members page. The closest workaround I have is to:

  • run a report in Groups Summary > Interactions
  • specify the group by filter
  • filter down to "Subscribed to Applications" by unclicking all other interaction types
  • export to CSV
  • Open in Excel 
  • Filter down to unique values on the username

Is there a faster/easier way to get this information through the UI?

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