Retrieve and export a list of all group members?

I have a Private group in my community where access has been granted to all members of a certain SSO-defined role. The way it is configured, authenticated users with this role can view and generally interact with any content automatically.

However, these users are not automatically members of the group (by design), and therefore are not receiving subscription notifications and/or digests to be proactively be alerted of new content. 

My organization wants to get a list of current group members (people who have JOINED the group) to cross-reference against all people who should be members and reach out to the ones who haven't joined. 

The "members" page of the groups (with the Group - Members List widget) doesn't give an export option, and neither does the Admin menu > Manage Group > Members page. The closest workaround I have is to:

  • run a report in Groups Summary > Interactions
  • specify the group by filter
  • filter down to "Subscribed to Applications" by unclicking all other interaction types
  • export to CSV
  • Open in Excel 
  • Filter down to unique values on the username

Is there a faster/easier way to get this information through the UI?

  • That appears to be the fastest method to obtain the list of all group members through the UI as it stands today. There are other ways to do this, but require me to get some developer help to build something useful. I'll go ahead and log a feature for this as well to see if we could add something in the manage members pane to export to csv or the like.

  • Thanks ! Glad I wasn't missing something obvious. Appreciate the feedback. 

  •  Do you know if there is a way to find out who is subscribed to the digests in the same scenario? I'm wondering if the number of users who are receiving these updates is actually higher than I realized since a user can subscribe to a digest without joining the group. Thanks!

  • The subscribers are not accessible directly through the UI unfortunately. There is a widget/automation API to obtain them though.

    I'm attaching a sample automation below. This isn't the best way to get them as you have to update the GroupID manually in the automation but it can help you get the list in a workable format quickly if needed.

    		<automation name="Get Group Digests CSV REST" version="" description="" id="503a19402d10427f9214e74d4bfe4ba2" executeAsServiceUser="false" isSingleton="false" trigger="Http" httpAuthentication="None" lastModified="2020-07-23 16:51:01Z">
    			<executionScript language="JavaScript"><![CDATA[var response = context_v2_automationTrigger.Arguments.Response;
    var pageIndex = 0;
    var pagedListResponse = null;
    // contextId = GroupID to report against
    var contextId = 190;
    var digestDetails = null;
    pagedListResponse = core_v2_emailDigest.List(pageIndex, 100);
    response.Body += "Context,ContextId,Frequency,UserId,Username<br />"
    while (pagedListResponse.Count > 0) {
        for (var i = 0; i < pagedListResponse.Count; i++) {
            if (pagedListResponse[i].ContextId == contextId) {
                var user = core_v2_user.Get({ Id: pagedListResponse[i].UserId });
                digestDetails = pagedListResponse[i].Context + "," + pagedListResponse[i].ContextId + "," + pagedListResponse[i].FrequencyInDays + "," + pagedListResponse[i].UserId + "," + user.Username
                response.Body = response.Body + digestDetails + "<br />"; 
        pageIndex += 1;
        pagedListResponse = core_v2_emailDigest.List(pageIndex, 100);
    		<configuredAutomation version="" id="62ef9aed069e4fe2a8f667c3c9f31a3d" automationId="503a19402d10427f9214e74d4bfe4ba2" name="Get Digests" description="" enabled="true" lastModified="2020-05-06 21:47:37Z">
    			<properties />

    I've also logged an idea on so we can get it on the docket to provide a better experience around this functionality.

  • - Thank you for providing this! I'm not sure if I made a mistake, but it's only showing one result though. After downloading the package above, I:

    • imported the package into Automation Studio
    • Updated "var contextId = 190;" to 35 (one of the groups I wanted to check's ID),
    • published the package
    • Ran the URL: [mysite]/api.ashx/v2/automation/503a1940-2d10-427f-9214-e74d4bfe4ba2, found on the package overview page.

    I had my personal user and a test user signed up for the digest on that group, plus however many other community members, but the only response was my user. Any thoughts? 

    Thanks again!

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    Hi  , I saw this thread bc we have a similar situation and I need to be able to export a list of all group members. I tried following your steps above, but I can't see a way to run a report in Groups Summary > Interactions. Best I got was a report of "Active Members" in Group Details, which comes close but doesn't give me all members. Are you still using this tactic and if so, can you provide more info as to how you get this info through the UI? Thanks!

  • Former Member  Sorry, that's a typo. Its the Interactions report in "Content":

    Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

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    Got it. Thanks!