Upgrading From 10.1 to 11.0 - Theming Issues

We are trying to upgrade our 10.1x on-prem Telligent platform to 11.0. We have gone through the full upgrade procedure on our dev server and are now working on our theme and widget functionality.

  • When upgrading from 10.1 to 11+ themes, we could not get the default, Social theme to upgrade to theme studio. To get around this, we started with a blank OOTB FileStorage and a Upgraded 11x Telligent Database. 
  • From there, we manually imported each of the widgets from the production server. 
  • This caused the Widgets to work, but  widget assets did not transfer over as they are in the FIleStorage. 
  • In order to enable the widget assets, we transferred over the communityserver.components.sitefiles directory and communityserver.components.sitefiles and the widgetcontainerfiles Directory. This enabled widget assets to partially work, but only on the local server. Suspect a folder permission issue.

My question is two fold:

  1. Is there a known set of folders related to widgets I can transfer from 10.1 prod to 11.0 dev in order to reenable full widget functionality? Better yet, what are the UI and theming folders I should ignore in the 10.1x filestorage?
  2. I can only see the widget assets I already transferred above if I am accessing the server on the localhost, not if I am connecting from a different computer. What folder permissions should the filestorage have for the service account accessing those files? The permissions look the same for all the directories under Filestorage.

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  • Hi . I'm sorry you're facing challenges with this.

    I strongly recommend against continuing down this manual upgrade approach. It's unsupported and will likely lead to corrupted themes, widgets, and other data stored in CFS. Items transferred in this manner will not be subject to the platform's automated format migration. And even if the final result were to appear successful, it will likely still impact future maintainability and upgradeability of the environment.

    Instead, I recommend backing up a few steps here and investigating what the initial problem was with upgrade

    1. What is the full version of 11 to which that you're upgrading?
    2. What upgrade steps were you using? Manual manipulation of individual directories in CFS should not be a part of upgrades.
    3. By "not get the default, Social theme to upgrade to theme studio", what do you mean? If the upgrade steps are followed, the old theme will be automatically converted into the new Theme Studio format, which (importantly) is very different and is more than file movement.
    4. Were any exceptions logged?
  • 5. How were any theme and widget customizations applied in the 10.x environment? Were they also potentially made directly in CFS?

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