Today we are announcing that version 9.2 of Telligent Community is available and ready for production use:

Telligent Community 9.2 is a minor release, but includes some important updates:

  • We ran multiple versions ourselves (here) starting nearly 6 weeks ago
  • Soliciting feedback from our community about the product

While we fixed a lot of bugs (over 80) we also added some key new features.

Community Management Enhancements

Member Management Enhancements

We made some enhancements to member management based on feedback from our customers. Specifically we added new search, member editing capabilities, export options, new filtering tools and bulk management tools:

For example, if we want to bulk delete some accounts that were created by people trying to hack our community (happens all the time) we can bulk delete:

SEO Enhancements

We've updated the URL formats for both our forums and wikis based off of requests from customers. Thanks to the work we did in 9.1, where we ensure that content can move and URLs never break, you can immediately use these features within your community too:

For forums we moved from the old format /f/285/ to the new SEO friendly format /f/general-discussion/. We also removed unnecessary information from the URL path and also added the forum title in the URL. For example: general-discussion/1234/faster-performance-with-latest

For wikis we cleaned up the URL as well removing the period identifier. Old format: w/documentation/ new format: w/documentation/52910/how-to-install


We changed the anonymous localization behavior to be automatically set based on what the user's browser sends. You can still force a language, but this detection makes it simpler.

Other enhancements

  • We have introduced a new system notifications panel for delivering messages that need immediate attention:

  • Added 'Administer' option to user profile and user hover to quickly navigate from a user's profile to managing them.
  • Added support for reporting a user as abusive directly from their profile.

Technical Enhancements


Something we've done since Community Server 1.0 (what Telligent Community was originally named) is focus on overall application performance. In 9.2 we took a pass through a significant amount of the common code paths, database calls and REST calls to see where we could improve memory utilization, response time and reduce database load. We made some big improvements in 9.2 with a ~30% performance improvement through some of the most common paths.

Move to .NET Framework 4.5.2

Mostly for our on-premises customers: Microsoft announced that they were ending support for earlier versions of the .NET Framework and we now require version 4.5.2.

Widget Studio improvements

We improved search to include:

  • Search of widget source code, resources, and configuration
  • Scope searches by current or all widgets, theme, provider, customization state, and widget component types, like content, configuration, attachments and language resources.

We improved extension management through the administration UI (much faster, improved UI), added collapsible main navigation for more space in Widget Studio, exposed paths for default widgets in developer mode to streamline source management. And made some general reliability and performance improvements.

Other Developer Enhancements

  • We fixed a problem with exceptions thrown in After* events that prevented other handlers from executing.
  • Improved all exception and error messaging along with localization of those messages.
  • Added support for opening explicit panels as sub-panels of other panels.

Those are a few of the highlights!

On behalf of the entire Telligent team, thank you for your contributions to 9.2!


Added / Improved

  • Reduced File Sytem IO when retrieving theme files
  • Improved new application content registration
  • Improved boundaries for rendering user defined content
  • Improved error message for permission denied errors
  • Avoid unnecessary SQL calls in Thread.AnswerCount & Thread.SuggestedAnswerCount
  • Always seek streams to 0 before passing to CFS Provider
  • Optimzationsoptim in mark thread as read functionality to avoid duplicate key errors under high load
  • Default File Gallery date create value changed from local time (instead of UTC) to avoid discrepancies in UI and Analytics
  • Increased metric and scoring recalculation jobs sq. timeouts
  • Improved feedback when entering wrong credentials on emergency access page
  • Updated pattern to match IE to ensure to exclude versions that will honor the X-UA-Compatibility header in Legacy Browser Message plugin
  • Updated browser in-compatibility message to return 403 instead of 200
  • Added te_vw_Thread_Daily_Stats, te_Blog_PostViewsPerDay and te_Forum_ThreadViewsPerDay to sql drop script
  • Youtube file viewer now recognizes urls
  • Featured Content Slider should be fully clickable
  • Avoid unnecessary SQL calls when rendering HTML that may contain hashtags
  • Improved performance of WikiQuoteFormattingPlugin
  • Avoid unnecessary SQL calls in legacy featured content properties
  • Avoid unnecessary SQL calls in IContent.Application implementations
  • Improved performance of EmailQuoteProcessorPlugin
  • Updated polls styling for support resizing to any width
  • Use same page size in 'Forum - Thread Details' and 'Forum - Thread' widget to optimize cache utilization
  • Updated code icon in content editor is lighter than other icons
  • Updated Avatar Activity Story does not show for Admin / Former Member Accounts.
  • Updated bad description on Forum Options - Moderate Posts
  • When moving a file between Galleries the icon image is replaced with code
  • Updated job schedule future ago date for 1 hour to be "in over an hour"
  • Widgets can now identify their Region and Layout when rendering or when previewed
  • Reduced sql calls when retrieving wiki page RSS Feed
  • Non-administrator cannot invite user by user name
  • Added back missing blog moderation option


  • Fixed issue where frequent calls to te_Content_TaggedContent_Delete or te_Content_TaggedContents_Delete may cause deadlocks
  • Fixed duplicate key exceptions when adding multiple users to a group
  • Fixed activity stories REST API to return datetime in the calling user's timezone
  • Fixed conversation count to show number of conversations instead of number of messages
  • Fixed forum most recent post date to reflect latest reply
  • Fixed suggested answer notifications to be delivered only to the author
  • Fixed code editor gutter is no longer defaulting to enabled
  • Fixed issue with search results in Administration showing then quickly disappearing
  • Fixed typo in the 'Group Membership Added' email notification
  • Fixed issue with multi select field option is not checked when search opened from user profile
  • Fixed issue with ampersand in selectable profile not being displayed as checked when user edits profile a second time
  • Fixed user lookups throughout site to show consistent results
  • Fixed inconsistent terminology on widgets tab when editing a theme
  • Fixed styling improvements in management panels when being used outside of the Social theme
  • Fixed issue where Widget Studio sticky menu can cover the scroll
  • Fixed bulk replacement of widgets to account for factory default pages
  • Fixed "Joining this community" link location on accept invitation page when site is in Invitation only mode
  • Fixed broken preview on media gallery page when site is hosted in a sub-folder
  • Fixed errors when previewing from the editor (invalid file, file too large) should be presented in the preview
  • Fixed timeout issue when opening Twitter search Job from related tab
  • Fixed default.aspx redirection doesn't work for homepage
  • Fixed REST responses sometimes calculate content bodies twice
  • Fixed apostrophe in theme name no longer breaks widget studio
  • Fixed issue where idea counts are cached aggressively
  • Fixed Username case mismatch on user profile hides user banner
  • Fixed changing a user's password validating the wrong permission
  • Fixed browse button pushed to the edge of input field when file name is long
  • Fixed upload/edit Media File fails to save when validation is not satisfied
  • Fixed JavaScript error when toggling mail gateway on/off
  • Fixed issue with not being able to change the value of IsEnabledByDefault in notification distribution type implementations
  • Fixed logic issue in GroupForumAutoSubcribePlugin
  • Fixed Recaptcha, when enabled, shows before profile fields when registering
  • Fixed cannot rename group calendars custom navigation item if only one calendar exists in the group
  • Fixed administration panel use of ReturnUrl
  • Fixed procedure te_Forum_Thread_Move references obsolete procedure te_Forum_Thread_ModerateApprove .
  • Fixed Administration pages are empty when authentication expires
  • Fixed error on DB Install Script when running "Latin1_General_CS_AS" on SQL 2014
  • Fixed calendar Does Not Invoke Application or Content Events
  • Fixed moderation notification interaction issue with multiple moderators
  • Fixed blog Post List widget shouldn't show avatar in sidebar view
  • Fixed event dates render awkwardly when placed in sidebar
  • Fixed Site Terms - Adding Replacement Term causes term to no longer show in UI
  • Fixed updating Avatar using PublicApi does not create avatar updated activity story
  • Fixed blog email notification sent at wrong time after changing the publish date
  • Fixed "Custom Summary" option is not saved for the blog post
  • Fixed default thread type is not selected when creating a thread
  • Fixed "User replied to..." actor not removed when reply is deleted
  • Fixed setting up Mail Gateway without mapped gallery throws exception
  • Fixed "Custom Summary" reappears incorrectly in Blog Options
  • Fixed issue with leaderboard calculating 1 less leader than requested
  • Fixed issue with "legacy" media specific comment endpoint not working
  • Fixed issue where leaderboards may be orphaned when group that are in is deleted
  • Fixed blog post activity story to show latest actor's avatar not the original author's avatar
  • Fixed URL key generation is now consistent and provides appropriate black listing of reserved values
  • Fixed error message rendering when uploading files
  • Fixed reply Force Login Functionality Loses Types Text
  • Fixed some wiki page names cause a page not found error due to url format
  • Fixed validation-related exceptions include details about the specific issues encountered
  • Fixed user profile fields in readonly mode are not rendered with user's datetime format
  • Fixed issue with disabled plugins losing their "disabled" styling after inline search
  • Fixed misaligned text in group creation "Congratulations!" message
  • Fixed issue with calendar url ignoring group context
  • Fixed issue with every other page (starting with second page, ex. users 100-200) of forum thread and reply subscribers do not receive notifications
  • Fixed issue with forum notifications toggle disappearing in Forum Links widget when subscribed
  • Fixed issue with moving forum thread to forum a subscriber does not have access
  • Fixed issue with blog post authors not being able to edit their own posts
  • Fixed management pages are empty when authentication expires
  • Fixed issue with unpublish link showing to users who do not have permission
  • Fixed embedded media styling for documents and presentations
  • Fixed ideas no longer explicitly tests for duplicate idea names, this is no handled by the Moderation plugins
  • Fixed issues with shortened URLs that did not redirect
  • Fixed issue with users being unable to edit their profiles and settings when SSO plugins are enabled
  • Fixed placement of new inherited widgets should use the order number from the inherited layout
  • Fixed blog Monthly Archive list widget now renders properly
  • Fixed template editor no longer shows Subject modified when the subject had not been modified.
  • Fixed selectable Avatars are no longer listed multiple times in the Select an Avatar panel in Administration
  • Fixed group setup no longer fails due to content frequency abuse rules if multiple wikis are selected
  • Fixed ideas Status Admin Panel is no longer set as an editable widget
  • Fixed bug with PageSize and PageIndex not being honored in LikedItems List REST api
  • Fixed issue that resulted in no digest emails being sent if forum content was the only activity in the group


  • Removed global self referencing URLs
  • Removed incomplete/unused blog configuration options: Cross Post Enablement, Enable Raw Header Editing (themes enable this support) and Enable Blog Email Subscriptions
  • Removed te_Content_ViewUrl table
  • Removed te_content_viewurls table
  • Removed blog cross posting options