Community 11.1 Released

Today we're excited to release Community 11.1, building on the recent 11.0 release. 

Blog Workflows

With the addition of blog workflows, you can create single or multi-phase workflows to ensure blog posts are reviewed and approved before being published. Reviewers can be individuals, roles or a combination of both. Throughout the workflow phases, members are notified and assigned when their action is needed.

Who’s online

New, live-updated, "who's online" widget that shows members who are present on the site along with new APIs for interacting with present users.

Moderation Enhancements

In Community 9.0 we introduced the unified review queue for abuse, SPAM, and moderation and it’s been evolving since. In this release, workflow review requests were added to the queue, we improved the moderation list view to include a consistent height and the ability to "view more" for longer content. Plus, we’ve added the ability to preview moderated and abusive content with surrounding posts to give better context when deciding to approve or deny.

Lastly, if you're using our Akismet abuse detector, we've added reporting content type, false positives, and missed spam to better train the service for your community.


11.1 introduces a new, in-site configurable cache implementation with new optimizations that result in faster communities. There's a new monitoring tool for overall memory usage and cache hit/misses across all web nodes and job server. We've also added plugin-based support for distributed cache providers with pre-serialized values - more to come on that soon.

Progress Feedback

We've added integrated progress feedback for theme, widget, and automation upgrades, imports, and other batched processes along with new APIs to support reporting and rendering progress and results from scripted background tasks.

And more ...

Automations, which were introduced in 11.0, get singleton support, a new API to store and retrieve state, and a new API (context_v2_automationTrigger.CancelEvent) to allow throwing errors out of event handlers and to end-users. We added query and facet persistence when navigating to a search result or advanced search from site banner.

Of course this isn't all, get the full list of changes in the release notes.