Navigate from an ExplicitPanel back to an Administrative Panel

I have an explicit panel loaded from an administrative panel.  Wondering how, if I do some sort of AJAX save on my explicit panel I can go back to the previous panel and reload it.

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  • If that is using IAdministrationExplicitPanelController.GetUrl(), that should be correct and it can be loaded directly (doesn't require using $

    I do see that the URL generated using IAdministrationExplicitPanelController does not include a hash parameter _appaneltype=explicit which may affect the navigation behavior. As a work-around, you could manually add this parameter to the hash parameter list generated from the existing GetUrl() method.

    I've logged this issue as:

    TE-18096: IAdministrationExplicitPanelController.GetUrl does not include explicit identifier

    Completed for 13.0, 12.1.5, 14.0