Article Release Notes for Community 12


May 2, 2022

Note: Version 12.1 includes fixes from all previous 12.0.x versions.

  • Accessibility
    • TE-15222 - Added missing alt attributes to images rendered by platform widgets (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-16666 - Updated site banner to better support tabbing (in the visual order), added keyboard shortcuts for all top-level UI elements (menu, search, notifications, conversations, bookmarks, and account), corrected pop-up closure focus (specifically for search), updated left/right to move left/right through filters within open panels that have filters. (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-16667 - Added screen reader labels (visible to screen readers but not in the visible UI) to the notification list's filters (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-16709 - Updated tab ordering for user links in 'Site Banner' widget to match visual order
    • TE-16665 - Improved contrast/visibility of focus indicator on text as well as images
  • Articles
    • TE-16399 - Added allow file list configuration to articles
    • TE-16515 - Added article (tree) listing option in 'Article - Category List' widget
    • TE-16579 - Added default article points configuration
    • TE-16607 - Added notifications for article feedback
    • TE-16789 - Added article category names (fieldname = articlecategoryname) to the search index
    • TE-16472 - Fixed issue with article type icons overlapping/cutoff in Windows Chrome (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-17030 - Fixed possible timeout when deleting article collections that contain a large number of articles
    • TE-17313 - Fixed spelling error in article collection saved message
    • TE-17341 - Fixed issue where Wiki-to-Article Migration can result in inaccessible pages when wiki titles contain characters that need encoding (ex. &)
    • TE-17367 - Moved option to suppress notification option next to the publish/draft buttons when editing articles (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-17406 - Updated group validation on Article Collection Options Panel
    • TE-17438 - Updated article expunge process to avoid possible foreign key issue
    • TE-17449 - Fixed an issue with embedded files in articles stored in non-accessible location when published through a review workflow
  • Blogs
    • TE-16483 - Updated blog post image widget to render the image at the theme's defined width (if in pixels) vs hardcoding 800 (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-17164 - Ensure non-logged in users are redirected (vs 404) when unsubscribing from public group blog using email link
    • TE-17288 - Fixed issue with multiple activity stories being created when a future dated blog post is edited
  • Calendar
    • TE-15825 - Calendars now support being @mentioned
    • TE-16468 - Improved experience when attempting to register for an expired event (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-16471 - Calendar reminders now take into account the time until event starts and will not create reminders for times already under a range
    • TE-16879 - Calendar application type configuration now reloads on save instead of waiting until web restarts
    • TE-17020 - Corrected RegistrationDate and TokenExpirationDate on EventRegistration API entity
  • Conversations
    • TE-9529 - Added conversation messages to automated abuse checking (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-16944 - Conversation avatars now prefer non-accessing members (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-17325 - Members that leave a conversation can no longer access any files embedded within the conversation via URL
  • Developers
    • TE-16317 - Scoped properties now support file embedding (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-16861 - Added created and modified dates to Idea Vote REST entity to be consistent with API
    • TE-16873 - Scripted extensions can now reference a vm/jsm file as the name of a property rule and use that file to implement the client-side and server-side rule behavior. Configuration-based plugins have extension plugin types to enable local rule processing by the plugin.
    • TE-17473 - Added new in-process API for working with threading (tasks)
  • Embeddables
    • TE-16450 - Converted existing social IEmbeddables .net code based implementations to new Embeddables format
  • Forums
    • TE-15418 - Improved truncation logic in "top posts" rendering to better handle cases when items like mentions, tables, etc are part of the reply
    • TE-16512 - Forum thread live updates to handle an edge cases where update may not propagate across author's own open viewports/tabs (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-16591 - Viewing a reply via permalink when the parent reply is hidden no longer returns an error (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-16556 - Updated forum thread list to use content peek and deep linking to show answers and latest replies (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-17144 - Corrected inconsistency between thread functions in user interface and API. Lock/Unlock thread requires Edit and Review Abuse permissions. (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-17183 - Forum thread status changes now initiate search re-indexing
  • Ideation
    • TE-16415 - Updated naming convention for idea votes export to include the idea name
    • TE-17291 - Deleting ideas that have votes no longer fails
    • TE-17293 - Fixed issue that was preventing the deletion of ideas
  • Moderation
    • TE-9500 - Added support for merging two users
    • TE-9716 - Updated moderation to support optionally providing a response when approving/denying content. The response will be included in email sent to the author.
    • TE-16073 - Added authentication IP throttling exemption configuration to Moderation Options (Administration -> Moderation -> Moderation Options)
    • TE-17197 - Updated 'Link Counts' abuse automation to be case insensitive and added subdomain support
  • Platform
    • TE-8264 - Fixed issue with authors not being reassigned for transcoded videos when a member is deleted
    • TE-9574 - Added support for optional CDN-based (CloudFront, Azure CDN, and Fastly) delivery of globally-accessible (accessible to anonymous users) files from the CFS
    • TE-9742 - New, single permission, 'View Web Site', permission to disable site access
    • TE-14351 - Updated thread reply and comments widgets to show 'Sign in to reply' link and not allow text to be entered when not logged to avoid non-reviewiable posting experience (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-15374 - Root domains are always allowed (unless explicitly disallowed) by content filtering even when the root host resolves to an local IP
    • TE-15651 - System files location optimizations
    • TE-15794 - Added ability to override redirect locations for platform errors (ex. NotFound, Access Denied) (Administration -> Interface -> Message Redirects) (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-15817 - New Community Health Summary in Administration to monitor site health
    • TE-16467 - Updated HTML aware truncation to remove tables, background colors, fonts, colors, etc to simplify truncated markup and improve visual experiences. Search results no longer use HTML aware truncation. (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-16482 - Updated 'Content - Table of Contents' do be more defensive against invalid (<hX>) markup situations
    • TE-16585 - File validation administration improvements with site level configuration each application inherits (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-16605 - Updated references to obsolete v2 permission API to v3 (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-16625 - Corrected truncation used in bljog post auto summaries and improved removal of style/script tags in all truncation logic
    • TE-16637 - Fixed issue where application IDs are rendered instead of removed when mentions are disabled
    • TE-16648 - Updated a few straggling URLs using relative URLs which can be invalid when using a reverse proxy
    • TE-16657 - Improvements to paging within wiki and calendar subscription notification APIs
    • TE-16680 - Removed duplicate text in Featured Content administration panel
    • TE-16877 - SortOrder is no longer case sensitive in APIs
    • TE-16612 - Adjusted approach for handling slow studio upload progress, using same indicator as processing/importing, warning before navigation, and applying to more upload scenarios in studios. Added progress indicator to all file import/export operations in studios.
    • TE-16635 - Updated evolutionStarRating to better handle image-based stars and to load image stars by default from the CFS
    • TE-16636 - Added PostTarget to all APIs missing this option
    • TE-16822 - Now showing tip to use Option/Alt+K to see other contextual keyboard shortcuts when navigating with the keyboard (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-16982 - Updated labels on notification list page to use aria-label and added aria-label support to glowDropDownList
    • TE-16915 - Fixed potential conversion issue when calculating metrics
    • TE-16945 - Added system status indicators to identify potential issues
    • TE-16956 - Adjustment to script console resizing when not docked open
    • TE-17028 - Improved exceptions administration experience with custom date, category, server and text filtering
    • TE-17063 - Improvements to code-based upgrade script processing and disallow re-running previous scripts
    • TE-17106 - Improvements to script interoperability
      • A list created in Velocity is now treated as an array when passed to a JSM script.
      • Changes made to globals within a JSM function returned to a Velocity script are now present in the Velocity script after the JSM function has been executed.
      • Exceptions that bubble up through Velocity no longer lose their inner exception hierarchy.
      • Exceptions with inner exceptions are easier to read in the Exceptions log. Arrays returned from JSM functions executed in Velocity now serialize to JSON
    • TE-17156 - Updated 'TourTip - List' widget to support larger postback payloads
    • TE-17203 - Corrected handling of spaces in linked profile fields when searching via member profile fields
    • TE-17209 - Deleting a group now marks its article collections to be deleted
    • TE-17287 - Corrected link rendering for sub-navigation items in the 'Navigation - List' widget
    • TE-17290 - Improved concurrency controls in content table to avoid duplicate key constraints when rapidly creating content
    • TE-17315 - Fixed issue in Navigation - List widget with children navigation items being cleared when editing a parent link
    • TE-17316 - Corrected z-index of 'links' pop-up/sheet
    • TE-17324 - Updated ui-previewhtml and ui-viewhtml REST APIs to handle fractional width/height values
    • TE-17337 - Relaxed aggressive distributed lock checks and improved startup Event log logging to include more startup details and identify slow loading plugins
    • TE-17361* - Fixed issue with 'Content - Table of Contents' widget failing to render when an empty header tag is encountered
    • TE-17477 - Fixed issue where scheduling a scripted dynamic job cancels all other scripted dynamic jobs
    • TE-17092 - New 'UserReassign' event which is used when deleting and merging members
    • TE-17137 - Add support for a "base64;" prefix on the Rest-Impersonate-User header value to allow impersonating non-ASCII usernames
    • TE-17244 - New exception type plugins are on shown in administration panel under Translatables only
  • Reporting
    • TE-17048 - Performance improvements to 'Top Searches' report query
    • TE-17289 - Updated user-to-role tracking to accurately show new user in 'New Group Members' report
    • TE-17292 - Fixed issue that may cause reporting ETL to fail after deleting user who created articles
  • REST
    • TE-16792 - Added validation error message for missing required parameters in permissions V3 REST endpoints
    • TE-17390 - Added CreatedDate and TypeId as settable parameters on Point Transaction Create REST Request
  • Scoring
    • TE-15874 - Scoring updates related to percentile processing, freshness, performance, and scores review/samples UX
  • Security, Authentication
    • TE-15195 - Login page throttling tuning
    • TE-15758 - Improved sliding expiration support with external SSO support (Administration -> Authentication) (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-15828 - Changing passwords now expires all existing sessions (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-15937 - Added PKCE support for public and confidential OAuth Clients
    • TE-15980 - Added REST Scopes for additional control over REST API usage (Requires Widget Updates)
      • New option to globally allow/disallow REST APIs available to API key usage (Administration -> Integration -> API Key Scopes)
      • API Keys can now limit access to a set of scopes
      • OAuth clients can configure allowed REST scopes
      • Widget level defined REST scopes that are used to declare and authorize access when rendering on pages/routes
    • TE-17394 - OAuth authorization page now presents the user with the list of scopes/permissions being granted to an OAuth client as part of the authorization process (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-17229 - New, single 'View Web Site' permission to disable web access for members
  • Wikis
    • TE-15623 - Fixed issue where in some cases a wiki page is bumped when if the author had the wiki page activity story disabled
  • Removed
    • TE-15434 - Removed unused calendar stored procedures
    • TE-15443 - Removed obsolete ILoggableException. This type was marked obsolete in version 10.
    • TE-16633 - Removed obsolete Flash and Silverlight support/usage in audio/video file viewers
    • TE-17375 - Removed setting cookie settings from Administration that allowed renaming of required platform cookies

Community 12.1 release is unique in that two updates, the addition of rest scopes (TE-15980) and updating v2 permission references to v3 (TE-16605), required changes to many widget implementations. For this reason, the list below is categorized to help visualize which widgets were updated for reasons not-related to the two mentioned changes only along with those that were updated only for those reasons or a combination of the two. We recommend reviewing all changes on updates.

  • Updated Widgets
    • Updated
      1. Activity Story Stream: TE-15980, TE-16585 
      2. API Key List (DELETED, replaced by contextual panel)
      3. Articles - Article: TE-16472 
      4. Articles - Category: TE-15222
      5. Articles - Category List: TE-15222 
      6. Articles - Create/Edit Article: TE-15222, TE-15980, TE-16585, TE-17367
      7. Blog - Banner: TE-15222
      8. Blog - Create/Edit Post: TE-15980, TE-16605, TE-16585
      9. Blog - Post Image: TE-16483
      10. Blog - Post Peek: TE-15222, TE-15980 
      11. Blog Post Preview: TE-15222
      12. Change Password: TE-15828
      13. Change User Avatar Modal: TE-16585
      14. Comment List: TE-16512
      15. Comment Preview: TE-15222
      16. Conversations: TE-9529, TE-15980, TE-16944
      17. Core - Messages: TE-15794
      18. Event Calendar - Add/Edit Event: TE-15794
      19. Event Calendar - Event: TE-15222, TE-16468
      20. Event Calendar - Maps: TE-15222
      21. Forum - Thread: TE-14351, TE-15980, TE-16591, TE-16942, TE-17144
      22. Forum - Thread List:TE-16556, TE-17281
      23. Forum Reply Preview: TE-15222
      24. Forums - Create/Edit Post: TE-15794, TE-16605 
      25. Group - Banner: TE-15222, TE-15980
      26. Group - Members List: TE-15222
      27. Ideas - Create Idea: TE-15794
      28. Keyboard Shortcuts: TE-16822
      29. Media Gallery - Drag and Drop: TE-16317, TE-16585
      30. Media Gallery - Upload/Edit File Form: TE-15980, TE-16585
      31. Navigation List: TE-15222
      32. Notification List: TE-15222, TE-15980
      33. OAuth App Authorization: TE-17394
      34. Quick Post: TE-16585
      35. Rendered Blog: TE-15222
      36. Rendered Blog Post: TE-16467
      37. Rendered Comment: TE-16467
      38. Rendered Content Page: TE-15222, TE-16467
      39. Rendered Forum Reply: TE-16467
      40. Rendered Gallery: TE-16467
      41. Rendered Idea: TE-16467
      42. Rendered Media: TE-16467
      43. Rendered Status Message: TE-16467
      44. Site Banner: TE-15980, TE-16666
      45. User Banner: TE-15980, TE-16605, TE-16585
      46. User - Logged Out: TE-15758 
      47. User Banned (DELETED)
    • Only v2 → v3 Permission Updates (TE-16605)
      1. Forum - Capture Thread
      2. Forums - Ask a Question
      3. Forums - Links
      4. Group - Contact Request List
      5. Set Up Your Community
      6. User - Login And Create
      7. User - Points Activity
      8. User - Points Total
      9. Wikis - Links
    • Only Rest Scope Updates (TE-15980)
      1. Abuse Appeal
      2. Activity Story
      3. Blog - Email Author
      4. Blog - Peek
      5. Bookmarks List
      6. Calendar Event Peek
      7. Event Calendar - Event Links
      8. Forum Peek
      9. Friendship
      10. Gallery Peek
      11. Group Peek
      12. Group - Contact
      13. Hover - Previews
      14. Idea Peek
      15. Ideas - Create Ideation
      16. Ideas - Create/Edit Status
      17. Ideas - Idea
      18. Ideas - Idea Links
      19. Ideas - Idea Status History
      20. Ideation Peek
      21. Knowledge Collection Peek
      22. Knowledge Management - Document
      23. Media File Peek
      24. More Content
      25. StatusMessage Activity Story
      26. User - Notifications
      27. User - Shared RSS Feeds
      28. User Consent
      29. User Profile
      30. User Profile Fields
    • Only Rest Scope (TE-15980) and v2 → v3 Permission Updates (TE-16605)
      1. Blog - Create Blog
      2. Blog - Links
      3. Event Calendar - Add/Edit Calendar
      4. Forums - Thread Details
      5. Group - Create
      6. Group - Links
      7. Media Gallery - File
      8. Media Gallery - Links
      9. Request Group Membership
      10. Search Result List
      11. Settings
      12. Wikis - Edit Page
      13. Wikis- History
      14. Wikis - Page
      15. Wikis - Revision


April 14, 2022

  • Articles
    • TE-17209 - Deleting a group now marks any containing article collections as deleted
    • TE-17396 - Fixed issue where users may not have issues to add or edit tags on an article
    • TE-17406 - Added required field validator to Article Collection management panel for group selection
    • TE-17438 - Updated article expunge process to avoid possible foreign key issue
    • TE-17449 - Updated location of embedded files for articles within a workflow
    • TE-17469 - Fixed issue where core services (ex. hashtag, permissions) may throw an exception when working with new article or articles collections due to the collection not existing in content system yet
  • Auditing
    • TE-17021 - Added Auditing.Events.AfterCreate event and enabled usage within Automation
  • Authentication
    • TE-17359 - Update to ensure all CFS redirects with SSO are fully qualified
    • TE-17480 - Added defensive checks against empty claim mappings when using OpenID
    • TE-17492 - Quality Review Fixed OAuth authentication code flow logic when a token expires or invalid REST request occurs
    • TE-17516 - Fixed paging issue in SCIM API when listing security groups
  • Automations
    • TE-17247 - Corrected saving of configured automation configuration data to ensure that rules are processed
    • TE-17477 - Fixed issue where scheduling a scripted dynamic job (ex. $core_v2_widget.ScheduleFile()) may cancel other scripted dynamic jobs
  • Blogs
    • TE-17164 - Users who are logged out and attempt to unsubscribe from a blog in a 'public' group using the link within emails are now redirected to login instead of home page
    • TE-17193 - Fixed description of text when moving a blog to identify the accessing user vs author
    • TE-17288 - Publishing/saving a future dated blog post no longer creates duplicate activity stories
  • Calendars
    • TE-17281 - Fixed issue in 'Event Calendar - Event List' widget with incorrect date comparison when determining whether or not to show registration button (Requires Widget Updates)
  • Forums
    • TE-17128 - Updated forum thread list API to honor including sticky posts on top across sort options (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-17366 - Changing the author in ForumThread.BeforeCreate events is now honored
  • Ideations
    • TE-17235 - Forum reply permalinks converted to comments during forum thread-to-idea conversion now link to the converted idea
    • TE-17236 - Updated forum-to-idea conversion process to keep nested structure for converted comments
    • TE-17291 - Fixed issue where deleting an idea that has user votes can result in DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "fk_UserVoteSummary_Ideation" exception
    • TE-17293 - Fixed an issue where an idea cannot be deleted directly from management panel
  • Moderation/Abuse
    • TE-17197 - Added subdomain support and case in-sensitive matching for Link Counts Automation (Administration -> Moderation -> Link Counts)
  • Notifications
    • TE-17363, TE-15884 - Friend request notifications no longer truncate and now show full message. Wrapping style fix in 'Friendship - List' and 'User - Banner' navigation ui-links. (Requires Widget Updates)
  • Permissions
    • TE-17187 - Fixed caching issue that can occur when attempting to review permissions for a recently created application
  • Platform
    • Security Fix
    • TE-17156 - Tour tip post backs now use POSTs instead of GETs to avoid URL length restrictions
    • TE-17166 - Updated Articles, Ideas and Calendar ApiEntity and IContent classes that return a URL to fully qualify the URL. This also ensures that comment URLs are always fully qualified when returned in REST.
    • TE-17189 - Corrected scrolling issues when editing nodes in long trees (ex. editing table of content for wikis with many pages)
    • TE-17246 - Fixed issue where dragging text in Chrome within the editor can casue drag/drop file UI to appear
    • TE-17261 - Added new database index to better support bulk deleting users
    • TE-17287 - Fixed link rendering for sub-navigation items in the Navigation List widget/embeddable (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-17542 - Updates to forgot password process
    • TE-17315 - Improved editing of nested navigation items in the 'Navigation List' widget to ensure editing a parent does not delete children
    • TE-17316 - Updated z-index of links pop-up/sheet to ensure its always on top
    • TE-17324 - Update to ensure the view/preview components always request whole numbers for width/height
    • TE-17361 - Updated 'Table of Contents' widget to handle and exclude headers with no textual label (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-17370 - Fixed issue with users that had created reviewable content could not be deleted
    • TE-17390 - CreatedDate' and 'TypeId' are now settable properties in the body on the PointTransaction create REST API
    • TE-17411 - Featured Content query performance improvement
    • TE-17485 - Fixed image encoding during site logo configuration in site setup (Requires Widget Updates)
    • TE-17490 - Fixed client side socket connection handling in tracing and cache panels
    • TE-17514 - Fixed possible issue when updating from versions prior to 9.2 due to casing issue with folder name
  • Reporting
    • TE-17027 - Reporting row version tracking improvements
    • TE-17289 - Improved tracking and reporting on users added to groups (New Group Members report) indirectly through site roles
    • TE-17292 - Fixed issue where ETL may fail after deleting users that created articles
    • TE-17520 - Fixed issue with sorting by columns other than the default sort in Top Searches report
  • Search
    • TE-17183 - Fixed issue with forum threads not being re-indexed in search after thread status changes
    • TE-17203 - Corrected handling of spaces in search linked profile fields
    • TE-17285 - Updated to Solr version 8.11.1
  • Studios
    • TE-16956 - Improvements to scripting sandbox resizing logic
    • TE-17340 - Updated studios to support files renames that vary only in casing even on file storage providers that are case insensitive (like windows/FileSystemFileStorageProvider)
    • TE-17401 - Corrected 404 links to editing headers/footers from Theme Studio
  • Wikis
    • TE-17319 - Fixed issue with publish/un-publish within wiki page management not saving values due to file casing issue references
    • TE-17341 - Fixed issue where a wiki-to-article migration can leave pages inaccessible if the source wiki name contains reserved characters
    • TE-17398 - Removed referenced to locked pages in the description of the 'Read Pages' Wiki permission
    • TE-17419 - Disabling Wiki Migration plugin is no longer dependent on wiki application disablement
  • Removed
    • TE-17208 - Removed the few dependencies on jQuery Validate and removed the plugin
  • Updated Widgets
    1. Content - Table of Contents: TE-17361
    2. Event Calendar - Event: TE-17281
    3. Forgot Password: TE-17542 (required/must review)
    4. Forum - Thread List: TE-17128
    5. Friendship List: TE-17363, TE-15884
    6. Navigation List: TE-17287, TE-17315
    7. Set up Your Community/Group (Social): TE-17485
    8. User - Banner: TE-17363, TE-15884


December 22, 2021

  • TE-16961 - Fixed display issue when there are multiple feature carousels on the same page
  • TE-17007 - Open Sans and Source Sans Pro fonts now have extended character sets included
  • TE-17013 - Fixed 'username' misspelling in default 'Login Type' value in 'User - Login and Create' widget
  • TE-17033 - Improved search loading logic in search widget to prevent UI load "deadlocking" when doing quick searches
  • TE-17034 - Fixed issue with article activity story not being removed when the article is deleted
  • TE-17042 - SMTP configuration administration updates
  • TE-17045 - Updated styling to ensure bullets within idea status notes are rendered
  • TE-17046 - Improved performance in 'Search History Cleanup' job
  • TE-17059 - Fixed issue with forum merge failing to move pinned threads
  • TE-17068 - Fixed caching issue in GroupNavigation banner widget when an article collection is deleted
  • TE-17069 - Fixed styling of overflowing look-up textboxes
  • TE-17079 - Fixed caching issue when editing embeddables
  • TE-17084 - Improved embeddable/automation studio logic when saving of blank values
  • TE-17090 - Fix issue where "peek" popup can show up behind modal
  • TE-17107 - Fixed issue with notification not being triggered when moving a forum thread
  • TE-17111 - Updated 'User Points Activity' widget to be mobile friendly/responsive
  • TE-17113 - Added database statistics task during reporting ETL process for improved performance
  • TE-17127 - Fixed CalendarEventContentType.HasPermission method to use Calendar level permission check instead of group level permission check
  • TE-17135 - Fixed issue that may result in "Access to view the subscription was denied" when a user is moving a forum thread
  • TE-17136 - Corrected timezone display name formatting logic to be more precise and better handle international cases
  • TE-17147 - Reporting ETL fix for possible 'Duplicate keys detected in staged data from "StageReferenceForumThreadRepliesTask..." exception
  • TE-17175 - Fixed issue where Theme Page Layouts page in Administration may not render correctly
  • TE-17178 - Updated wikis 'GroupAggregateHome' page (wiki home page) title to be 'Wikis' resource value instead of first wiki page title
  • TE-17196 - Updated Ideation webhook APIs to be public instead of internal
  • TE-17200 - Fixed paging issue in Groups -> Sub Groups panel that was limiting results to 20
  • TE-17218 - Fixed syntax issue in 'Calendar - Event Links' widget that can cause JavaScript exception
  • TE-17231 - Updated core_v2_forumReply to honor GroupId, ForumId and ForumReplyQueryType regardless if other parameters are set
  • TE-17238 - Added periodic broadcast pings from socket endpoint to prevent possible proxy disconnections
  • TE-17285 - Solr Configuration updates


October 5, 2021

  • Added built-in support for OpenID Connect single sign-on(Okta Only)
  • Added support for SCIM  when using Okta
  • TE-16312 - REST API Key updates: one-time viewing, update key generator, format and storage
  • TE-16314 - OAuth secret updates: one-time viewing, update secret generator, format and storage
  • TE-16708 - Added label to notification lists filter drop-downs on all notifications page (/user/notifications)
  • TE-16721 - Updated editor to re-route labels/aria-attributes on replaced textarea to editor IFrame
  • TE-16740 - Added alt-text or 'aria-role=presentation' to images in likes pop-up
  • TE-16742 - Added 'aria-describedby' to URL field on event creation widget
  • TE-16743 - Added 'aria-describedby' and wired up labels for drop down lists in event creation widget
  • TE-16750 - Added title text to next/previous calendar month navigation links
  • TE-16752 - Added alert role to calendar event statuses (ex. past, in session, cancelled, etc)
  • TE-16755 - Added aria-label to comment form
  • TE-16757 - Updated idea vote up/down link titles to match labels
  • TE-16758 - Added visual success notification when saving user profile changes
  • TE-16761 - Corrected alt text on 'Post Image' for blog posts
  • TE-16762 - Updated pager links to include meaningful titles
  • TE-16767 - Fixed title-to-link duplication in bookmark UI
  • TE-16772 - Added aria-describedby attributes to media gallery upload widget
  • TE-16773 - Removed ambiguous "more" text in favor of title attribute in Group Banner widget
  • TE-16807 - Tables no longer default to Verdana within the editor
  • TE-16811 - Updated modal/popUpPanel to only handle tabbing on visible elements and ui-links to focus opening element when delay opening. This corrects issues with tabbing within delay-loaded ui-links
  • TE-16834 - Updated status message to forum thread conversion to include nested replies
  • TE-16838 - Fixed idea activity story incorrectly referencing Description()
  • TE-16844 - Added non-web renderings of Tip and Pull Quote for articles
  • TE-16847 - Fixed issue where blog post auto generated excerpts may cause invalid mention peek rendering
  • TE-16859 - Corrected user link implementation in CustomNavigation API to better handle usage on site/group contexts
  • TE-16868 - Added Collapsed option to Event Links and Calendar Links widgets
  • TE-16885 - Fixed issue with overly aggressive reply attachment deletion when deleting a child reply
  • TE-16894 - Corrected empty string comparison when saving widgets
  • TE-16897 - Add ExtendedAttribute support to Calendar and Event in-process and script APIs
  • TE-16899 - Updated achievement REST route definition
  • TE-16903 - Update to bump idea activity story when idea status is updated
  • TE-16911 - Removing peeking from the body of recommended/related content list items. Note: Peeking does still occur using the title.
  • TE-16912 - Updated document viewer to ignore files in temporary storage
  • TE-16916 - Update to ensure members can edit and delete their own events and comments on events
  • TE-16918 - Fixed possible 'Index out of range' exception when attempting to retrieve reviewable content to expunge
  • TE-16927 - Fixed possible 'The number of rows provided for a FETCH clause must be greater then zero' exception when retrieving activity stories and row count is 0
  • TE-16936 - Fixed logic when reassigning Blog Posts on User delete
  • TE-16937 - Fixed issue with GroupList widget showing partial results when viewing the accessing user's bookmarked groups
  • TE-16938 - Fixed issue with thread notification muting not disabling notifications
  • TE-16939 - Fixed 'ShowHiddenInTableOfContents' configuration value parsing in $core_v2_wikiPage.List method
  • TE-16942 - Updated list tag nesting when using flattened thread view
  • TE-16948 - Fixed schema error when running Install.sql in Azure when using a SQL collation other than the default Azure SQL collation
  • TE-16959 - Fixed user profile link in 'More Content' widget
  • TE-16960 - Fixed issue with forum reply list API returning no results when specifying to include the thread starter
  • TE-16966 - Fixed null reference (dispose) issue that may occur when using Verint Knowledge Management
  • TE-16969 - Added support for defining custom site-wide headers to be rendered immediately after the opening <head> tag
  • TE-16975 - Adjusted mention label editing logic to ignore extra spaces
  • TE-16976 - Fixed issue where a duplicate calendar event may occur when using impersonation to create the event
  • TE-16986 - Corrected user context when raising Theme and Automation 'StagingUpdated' events affecting cache key calculation in their handlers and preventing the full import of language packs
  • TE-16987 - Fixed double encoding issue on people search that can cause failed searches (no results) when there are multiple terms
  • TE-16988 - Added wrapping to Tag List widget to improve situations with lots of tags
  • TE-16991 - Fixed issue with "Latest X minutes/hours ago" forum thread links not correctly linking.
  • TE-16993 - Fixed issue with GroupUserMember.List API not applying 'Username' filter when set
  • TE-17008 - Added 'value' attribute support on <li> tags when lists are allowed
  • TE-17017 - Added text extraction for embedded file content (if file type is supported) when indexing comments, articles, calendar events, ideas and wiki pages.
  • TE-17018 - Increased SQL timeout when calculating leaderboards
  • TE-17029 - Update to ensure soft deleted articles are removed from search
  • TE-17031 - Fixed possible null reference issue when deleting calendar using REST
  • TE-17035 - Updates to 'Expunge Deleted Articles Job' to ensure all content is removed
  • TE-17037 - Forum Thread List caching update
  • TE-17047 - Corrected loading of theme-specific scripted plugin scripts and updated activity stories to honor their implementations' cache configuration.
  • TE-17065 - Updates to configuration saving in scripted embeddables
  • TE-17081 - Fixed conflicting REST URL route when retrieving forum threads by group id (ex. /api.ashx/v2/groups/{groupid}/forums/threads.json)
  • TE-17089 - Fixed incorrect thread type check value ('Questions Only' instead of correct 'QuestionAndAnswer') in "When a forum thread is posted" automation
  • TE-17097 - Fixed issue that would reassign blog author to "Former Member" when deleting a user and reassigning their content to a different user.


August 2, 2021

  • Security Fix
  • TE-16134 - Fixed Unit parsing regression introduced in previous version ( that can result in mobile responsive width not being honored


June 30, 2021

  • TE-12182 - Fixed issue where a notification to the author may not be triggered when appeal is rejected
  • TE-16134 - Adjusted factory default detection to treat non-Social, legacy format, themes as custom instead of factory default when upgrading an existing
  • TE-16191 - Updated SQL install/update script to avoid (harmless) parsing warnings within previous patches due to referencing recently dropped column
  • TE-16315 - Increased length of generated password when using SSO
  • TE-16570 - Updated calendar ICS export handling
  • TE-16572 - Added support for mention and hashtags in calendar events
  • TE-16574 - Updated Birthday profile field storage to not adjust by timezone
  • TE-16575 - Fixed issue with Poll rendering for anonymous users when a poll is configured to show results after voting
  • TE-16577 - Bus diagnostic UI updates and Tasks improvements
  • TE-16578 - Socket message bus connector no longer logs ignorable, "Async End called on wrong channel." exceptions
  • TE-16580 - Removed duplicate columns and missing headers in Group Details Report export
  • TE-16592 - Fixed "Unread Discussions" filter not including recently replied to discussions
  • TE-16593 - Updated hashtag searching to better support more than 100 contextual tags
  • TE-16595 - Update to ensure changing group level permissions causes search re-index of applications and content
  • TE-16597 - Updated media editing within the content editor to not expose "Edit" contextual option to mobile browsers
  • TE-16598 - Fixed ordering logic for groups, sub-groups, properties, and property values when rendering dynamic configuration forms (ex. Profile fields)
  • TE-16600 - Developer mode editing updates: Saves to default pages/headers/footers are now committed to factory defaults. Added exposure of developer mode enablement on core_v2_page script API. Updated site setup to not run when developer mode is enabled. Fixes related theme automation API issues.
  • TE-16608 - Updated inline studio documentation to include type overrides on parameters within optional parameters.
  • TE-16617 - Ensure a Max File Size of zero is consistently treated as unlimited across all applications
  • TE-16618 - No longer limiting calendar event listing to 100 direct subgroup descendants
  • TE-16621 - Improvements to file caching within Widget Studio
  • TE-16623 - Fixed issue with audit CSV exports not matching selected filters
  • TE-16624 - Improved contextual menu and context-aware menu items in TinyMCE to show more accurately. Updated contextual menu remove options to hide after a removal.
  • TE-16639 - Fixed issue with Global Group Permissions template not saving when the role has no (0) granted permissions
  • TE-16641 - Fixed issue with exception being thrown when filtering media by explicit ContentIds
  • TE-16643 - Added tab trapping within pop-up panels. Corrected refocus element handling on close to always clean up event handlers. Corrected site banner widget keyboard navigation issues that prevented using enter to navigate to regular links.
  • TE-16645 - Improved validation logic when creating a calendar event with a null RegistrationType
  • TE-16649 - Fixed issue when Developer Mode on where staging widgets then staging themes may can cause staged widgets to disappear
  • TE-16653 - Added stack-overflow protection within embeddables
  • TE-16654 - Fixed possible SqlException ("Subquery returned more than 1 value.") on blog post LIST\SHOW requests due to SQL compatibility. Note: Applies to SQL Server 2019 and Azure SQL instances.
  • TE-16661 - Update ideation VotesListOptions properties to be publicly accessible
  • TE-16663 - Fixed regression with Content Service REST endpoints not functioning
  • TE-16672 - Fixed issue where calendar registration notifications may not be sent
  • TE-16688 - Fixed issue where reporting ETL could return duplicate rows loading activities
  • TE-16711 - Added aria label for conversation messages selection
  • TE-16779 - Updated BlogPost.PostImageUrl API references to return fully qualified site URL
  • TE-16795 - Improved text extraction support for following file types: doc, docx, htm, html, pdf, ppt, pptx, rtf, txt, csv, xls, xlsx and xml. Note: The iFilter dependency has been removed.
  • TE-16796 - Update to ensure any Community hosted privacy policy page/URL is accessible to view before consenting
  • TE-16802 - Performance improvements to content view summary migration patch
  • TE-16813 - Non-resolvable system notification emails no longer include "Mark as resolved" link
  • TE-16816 - Fixed issue with article collection not properly moving to newer parent group when moved
  • TE-16818 - Updates to robots.txt
  • TE-16835 - Fixed caching issue that may show non-navigable (null) links after news applications created
  • TE-16840 - Fixed issue due to recent Chrome changes (v88+) causing connection disconnects for inactive tabs
  • TE-16841 - Emailing to a role now honors "Allow site to contact me"
  • TE-16853 - Update to ensure any translatable parts of exceptions are logged in the site's default language
  • TE-16887 - Fixed issue attempting to parse legacy forum thread URLs when previewing
  • TE-16898 - Increased SQL timeout when retrieving Average Group Member Calculated score
  • TE-16910 - Fixed Average Response Time calculation in Forum Summary reporting
  • TE-16917 - Fixed issue with exception being throw when attempting to view a reply using the permalink when the parent reply has been flagged abusive or for moderation
  • TE-16925 - Fixed issue with anonymous users being redirected to login page instead of "content has been moderated" notice when creating thread or reply in moderated forums
  • TE-16930 - Added safety check to prevent widget removal logic when an explicit version is not provided
  • TE-16931 - Corrected serialization and parsing of Unit values to support server cultures that do not use decimal point for decimal identification.
  • Fixed various translation resources


May 12, 2021

  • This release addresses several items when using language packs
  • TE-16852 - Fixed issue with user unable to create a blog post when using Portuguese language
  • TE-16778 - Fixed issue with 'Mark as Resolved' button not being legible in unavailable email template
  • TE-16814 - Fixed date formatting in QAPage structured data
  • TE-16668 - Fixed issue that may cause widget to remain in 'staged' after publishing
  • TE-16659 - Fixed syntax issue in "When a Forum Thread is Posted" automation
  • TE-16640 - Fixed emoticon sizing caused by HTML aware truncation when removing CSS class names and IDs


April 7, 2021

  • NOTE: There is an database patch in this release related to user content views that may take an extended period of time to run. The running time is related to the number of views in your community.
  • TE-9679 - Added option to only show content within X days in 'More Content' widget
  • TE-14185 - Added auto-generated meta descriptions to forum threads, ideas, blog posts, and wiki pages
  • TE-15730 - Now automatically adding a vote for idea when a user creates a new one
  • TE-15760 - Added new Poll Quote embeddable
  • TE-15869 - Updated forum thread-to-idea conversion processing text/description
  • TE-16079 - Fixed calendar update notification to username of the editing user instead of the original creator
  • TE-16082 - Enhancements to ContentViews API and Services
  • TE-16132 - Increase timeout when flagging application search re-indexing
  • TE-16196 - Fixed a case where users with View Site Reports gets exception viewing Content report due to insufficient permissions elsewhere
  • TE-16198 - Fixed error in editor that caused the Format > Formats > Alignment menu to be misaligned due to mismatched configuration
  • TE-16199 - Adjusted glowPopUpPanel to focus target element instead of previously active on hide if active outside viewport
  • TE-16213 - Updated url redirection logic when using SSO and creating/updates idea statuses
  • TE-16224 - Improved REST exception details when multiple exceptions exist
  • TE-16274 - Updated article TOC widget to adjust width of wide images, videos, embeds, and iframes to fit next to the TOC when the TOC is configured to be rendered inline
  • TE-16307 - Added additional audit entries
  • TE-16348 - Fixed potential overlapping issue when rendering articles result in SERP page
  • TE-16349 - Corrected caching of subscriptions when using the mute URL
  • TE-16351 - Updated saving logic to ensure avatar information is saved if its specified during group creation
  • TE-16353 - Updates to ensure consistency between use of UserId and name in exports
  • TE-16358 - Updates 'Related Content' widget to store GUIDs instead of strings for included types
  • TE-16359 - Fixed possible arithmetic overflow when calculating average response time when there are threads with significant duration before first response
  • TE-16371 - Corrected handling of 0 (unlimited) for users without override validation when validating file upload sizes
  • TE-16377 - Updated inline dynamic configuration documentation to load dynamic configuration property scopes dynamically
  • TE-16385 - Added option to restore an article collection category in management panel
  • TE-16386 - Added support for reassigning a category on delete (if the category is committed)
  • TE-16387 - Added public APIs to restore Articles, Article Versions, Categories and Article Collections
  • TE-16388 - Updates to ensure configuration property rules are processed both through the editing experience and on commit when editing widgets and themes
  • TE-16389 - Reporting ETL performance improvements when processing content views
  • TE-16394 - Improvements to top/best responses rendering
  • TE-16401 - Improved pencil icon rendering in reduced browser size situations to ensure system notification 'close' options does not overlap
  • TE-16405 - Fixed issue that can occur in reporting ETL if there are deleted calendars and events
  • TE-16407 - Removed unnecessary exception logging when using Google OAuth when unused key is not found
  • TE-16410 - Updated date and time renderings to use <time> element
  • TE-16412 - Increased timeout in activity story expiration job
  • TE-16416 - Fixed issue with IncludeSubContainers property not being honored when using the TaggedContent list APIs
  • TE-16417 - Updated styling on download link when viewing web preview files
  • TE-16418 - Fixed issue rendering votes counts in Idea Management Panel
  • TE-16424 - Updated version of log4Net
  • TE-16438 - Added required field validation to Prefix field in Article Options Panel
  • TE-16452 - Updated article management panel initialization to avoid a potential race condition on initialization
  • TE-16459 - Update group request notification recipient list to include users that can manage membership in addition to owners
  • TE-16460 - Removed non-applicable or used 'Current Group' configuration option from Auto Create User Blog Plugin
  • TE-16462 - Updated image resizing within the editor to adjust the HTML to use a properly resized version of the image and now forcing 2x image scaling for images embedded within content
  • TE-16473 - New database index than can help when deleting a thread with lots of nested replies
  • TE-16475 - Fixed invalid references in Site Leaderboards Panel
  • TE-16478 - Added 'class' and 'id' content filtering options
  • TE-16481 - Marked INodePermissions API obsolete in favor of v2 IPermissions
  • TE-16509 - Fixed 'Sort by Name' sorting in 'Article - Browse Collections'
  • TE-16514 - Updated temporary wiki page redirects to permanent
  • TE-16516 - Removed 'Low Quality' configuration and cleanup search histosry job since its no longer needed
  • TE-16517 - Updated Vimeo File Viewer to handle their updated url formats
  • TE-16518 - Improved title encoding logic to prevent double encoding
  • TE-16567 - Fixed issue that may occur when syncing search synonyms if there are duplicates in the list
  • TE-16582 - Updates to web preview content generation
  • TE-16587 - Ensure OpenGraph title is set on content if missing
  • TE-16614 - Updated logic when manually re-scheduling next execution time on jobs to use user's current date as reference instead of UTC
  • TE-16630 - Fixed SQL issue that may occur when deleting content with views
  • TE-16638 - Improvements to exception handling on page handler logic
  • TE-16651 - Fixed potential permission issue sending notifications when users does not have application/content subscription listing permission


February 25, 2021

  • TE-16204 - Fixed issue with articles helpfulness entities not being serializable for distributed cache
  • TE-16457 - Fixed issuew with Embeddable "Category" field not being saved
  • TE-16464 - Fixed issue with group owners not being able to attache remote files to a blog post if the "Attach Urls" permission was originally disabled
  • TE-16476 - Fixed issue where a member cannot moderate calendar events if they had application level granted but not group level
  • TE-16477 - Removed extra "No results" in ideas management panel when results exist
  • TE-16479 - Custom navigation widget updates to correct configuration issues
  • TE-16485 - Swipe gesture no longer opening context shell on mobile
  • TE-16507 - Added Articles to user export
  • TE-16508 - Fixed article tag urls incorrectly reporting validation exceptions
  • TE-16510 - Links to non-existent ideas now correctly renders 404 response
  • TE-16519 - Updates to identify anonymous user for anonymous article feedback and correct hiding "previous feedback" porting of negative feedback modal to check again the member previous negative feedback
  • TE-16553 - Updates to article helpfulness and delete APIs


February 2, 2021


  • Article Collections and Articles
    • Customizable feedback reasons
    • Get feedback from members
    • Optional feedback resolution when publishing
    • Scheduled publish/un-publish times
    • Categories to organize your content
    • Publish Groups to organize and publish/un-publish sets of articles together
    • Review workflow to require approvals before publishing
    • Version history
    • Capture forum thread content to a new article
    • Featured content support
    • Helpfulness
    • Custom theme support
    • Support for migrating existing wikis to articles
    • Unique IDs for direct article referencing
    • Soft delete support
    • Configurable UI with support for navigation lists, category trees, dynamic tables of content, feedback, and more
  • Auditing
    • Tracks data-altering actions with details
    • Filterable by action type, text, member, date, server, and source (in-site, API Key, OAuth client)
    • Exportable
    • Configurable archive settings
  • Embeddables
    • Scripted, configurable, reusable, dynamic widgets that can be selected and embedded into content.
    • ‘Tips’ embeddable types to render alerts, warning, and errors
    • ‘Navigation List’ embeddable type to list a set of navigation links in content 
    • Restrict embeddable support and availability to specific content types
    • Restrict embeddable availability to specific roles
  • Embeddable Studio 
    • Develop and customize embeddable types using an integrated IDE
    • Import/export support
  • Embeddable Management
    • Import, export, enable, and translate available embeddables outside of Embeddable Studio
  • Peekable Content
    • New, content-specific rich, interactive, hover previews for all built-in content types
    • Can be enabled or disabled per content type
    • Preview content is defined by editable widgets
    • Same, new, content-specific previews are used for inline-rendered web previews of other content within the community
    • Styling of web previews of content outside of the community updated to match peeks.
    • Replaces User Hover 
    • Mentioned content is automatically preview-able
    • Extensible with custom content types via IPeekableContent API
  • Group Permission Template Editing
    • New ‘Membership Types’ administration panel to configure default permissions for each built-in membership types per group type independently
    • New ‘Global Permissions’ administration panel to configure default permissions for site roles per group type independently
  • Content Mentions
    • Added support for mentioning all core content (articles, wikis, blog posts, forum threads, event, media, and ideas)
    • API support for extending to custom types
  • New Banner System Notifications
    • System notifications now visible by default in a banner instead of alert
    • Can be dismissed for a configurable period of time
    • Both the Job Server and the Socket Message Bus Server (as well as any bus that implements the new IMessageBus API) automatically monitor and raise non-resolvable system notifications on component unavailability, self-resolving when availability is restored.
    • All notifications (system and standard) now available in the banner on mobile
  • New widget enablement (formally called 'Bulk Replace Widget') and replacement experience with staged changes and preview support
  • Reporting
    • New ‘Application Type’ filter 
    • Added ‘quick access’ reporting links to group and application management panels
    • Added direct links in group and application management panels
    • Added content type graphs to Active Content and Viewed Content reports
    • Added linked graphs to existing summary reports
  • Moderation
    • New moderation workflow option to identify, by content type, when rejected content in the moderation workflow should enter the abuse workflow
    • Added data attribute support ('data-*') to content filtering options (TE-14824)
    • New ‘Exempt Roles’ option to specify specific roles whose members’ content should bypass automated abuse rules, manual abuse flagging, or moderation
  • Administration
    • Added profile field selections to members export in administration
    • New permission, ‘Rest API Key Access’, to enable/disable REST API key usage by role
    • New 'Groups' tab in member administration to manage a users group memberships
    • Added max cache duration configuration to set max lifetime on cache items
  • Email verification
    • When using forms authentication, optionally require email verification on signup and private email updates
  • UI General
    • Added cancel option when editing content
    • Added link to the votes count when viewing an idea to see the members who voted
    • Added visual identifier on locked threads in the forum thread list
    • Added ability to set role based authorization to content pages
    • Preview panel now shows staged items and contexts across the community
  • Other
    • Members can now subscribe to media file subscriptions (TE-9736)
    • Added QAPage structured data on question forum threads What is QAPage structured data? 
    • Added 'Bypass Validation' permission to Groups, Calendars, Ideations, Wikis, and Leaderboards
    • Added support for mobile app protocols for OAuth clients
    • Added moderate date boosting to search results


  • Mention Updates
    • Categorized suggestions - Members, Content, Applications, Groups
    • Contextual Categories - Content types can define context-aware categories to prioritize
    • Automatic mention detection recognizes links from the local community and converts to mentions
  • Offline Identification (TE-15146)
    • Replaced with newer, more minimal UI
    • Implemented by ‘Offline Indicator’ widget
  • Group/Application Permission Management Panel Updates
    • New ‘By Permission’ tab
    • ‘Site Roles’ tab updated to include filter for only roles with permissions set
  • Reporting
    • Updated group list filter in reporting to include parent group name
    • Date filter month and year fields are now dropdowns to allow quicker selection of dates
  • Widgets
    • Updated to support role based custom URL links with open in a new window option
    • Added icon support to allow image based navigation
    • Added status date to the post attributes
    • Main date displayed is now created date
    • In sidebar mode and sorting by status date the status date is displayed
    • Added sorting options to widget configuration
    • ‘Navigation’ widget updated to support role based custom url links with option to open in a new window
    • ‘Navigation List’
    • ‘Forum Thread - List’ widget updated to sort by thread or reply vs only thread date
    • ‘Idea - List’ 
    • New dynamic table of contents widget can decorate most pages’ content with generated, navigable, bookmarkable, index
    • New generic tag list widget
  • Endless scrolling regions
    • Only endlessly scrolls to a configurable point, before requiring user interaction to continue to load more, enabling accessible footer content.
    • Can quickly return to top of endless scrolling regions
  • Administration
    • Improved user 'Total Posts' count (visible in Member Management) calculation process and added direct link to Content Report filter to the user (TE-9223)
    • Event monitoring, New Member experience, and Membership Options panels updated to native panels
  • Other
    • Subscribing to an Idea now additionally includes status update changes (TE-15258)
    • Removed comment search results from their owning content type's category. Comments will now only show under Comments facet. (TE-14606)
    • Added option to set alt text value for blog post "post image"
    • Improved date/time/month selector
    • Updated messaging when bookmarking users to clarify the action of following the user (TE-15171)
    • Updated OAuth authorization to support Bearer prefix (TE-15661)
    • Improved cache control header rendering on content in secured file stores that is also (intentionally) accessible to anonymous users
    • General cache and performance improvements
    • Updated Solr to version 8.7.0
    • Updated to jQuery v3.5


  • New LESS color modification APIS, intended to replace all previous uses of lighten(), darken(), or contrast(). 
    • Correctly calculates colors relative to compliments, allowing for significantly improved color configuration support in theme configuration.
    • Enables simple support for more significantly configured themes, including dark modes.
    • Social theme updated to consume new APIs and expose contrast options
  • CFS
    • Added API support for files over 2.1GB
    • Updated CFS download processing logic. Added new before/after download events and GetClientDownloadURL to CFS API
  • New endless scrolling API ($.fn.evolutionScrollable) 
    • dynamically loading content on scroll, tracking page index
    • Pre-filling
    • Support for page batching which limits how many scroll page loads can be loaded until a user is required to continue with "load more"
    • Accepting either an explicit container or automatically detecting the scrollable container (self, an ancestor, or window)
    • Accurately compensating for static elements beneath scrollable item that could break scroll end events
    • Loading indicators along with "return to top" indicator
    • Decorates an element to be scrollable, supporting 
  • APIs
    • IContextualMentionContainingContentType : IMentionContainingContentType - adds support for providing contextual mentions within its content type.
    • ICategorizedMentionContainingContentType : IMentionContainingContentType - adds support for contextual categories within its content type
    • IMentionableContentType (v2) : IContentType - enables mention loading with support for editable label text with self-defined mention loading (like V1)
    • IIndexedMentionableContentType (v2) : IContentType - enables mention loading with support for editable label text with querying defined by the mention core service via the search index
    • ISubscriptionViewContentType - to review users that can read subscription lists
    • IAuditable, IExtendedAuditable, IAuditableMessageOverride - API entity interfaces to allow integration with Auditing
    • IAuditing - in-process API to add and list auditing records
    • AuditableIgnore - attribute that can be added to an IAuditable entity's properties to exclude them from edit change detection
    • Can be marked non-resolvable by users and only closed logically by code to enable support for self-resolving notifications
    • A state property was added to the PageContext API to allow user defined custom data to be persisted from ParseContext to Validate.
    • Improvements to the Validate action on URL definitions to better facilitate translated messages and redirects to login for anonymous users prior to not found or access denied responses.
    • New IMessageBus interface replaces ISocketMessageBus to enable better integration of third party message buses
    • Adds support for automatically raising and resolving unavailability system notifications, diagnostics, richer logging, cache refreshing on reconnects, and tracking of events.
    • Mentions
    • Subscription Lists
    • Auditing
    • System Notifications
    • Url Definition Improvements
    • Message Bus
    • Improved navigation confirmation API with support for usage within administration and contextual management panels
  • Scripting
    • Server-side JavaScript can now throw user-renderable exceptions using “throw ‘message’”
    • Improved exception logging from scripts to better identify the script file/name where the error occurred
    • All lists coming from the API can now be used as JavaScript arrays in Server-side JavaScript (in addition to their original properties/methods)
    • New configuration property templates and rules
    • Scheduled file executions with live progress feedback and impersonation support


  • TE-5000 - Fixed exception that may occur when attempting to expunge an abusive comment
  • TE-5623 - Removed MutipleUpload file handler
  • TE-7164 - Disapproved users cannot change passwords
  • TE-8887 - Fixed timezone differences when viewing and setting job schedules
  • TE-9217 - Update thread split logic to ensure author is sent a notification
  • TE-10358 - Improved error logging and plugin identification if a plugin fails to load due to errors
  • TE-10368 - Updated People Search widget to better handle the case when a large number of searchable profile fields are configured
  • TE-12277 - Improved caching in role services (user role checks and general role retrieval)
  • TE-14600 - Improved performance when retrieving users for anniversary automation
  • TE-14632 - Fixed issue where original blog post author was unable to edit blog post that has been featured
  • TE-14713 - Performance update when retrieving Abuse Creator Effectiveness & Abuse Reporter Effectiveness Metrics
  • TE-14719 - Migrated remaining usages of obsolete IPropertyControls
  • TE-14806 - Disapproved users no longer sent emails
  • TE-14811 - Fixed issue allowing a blank link when adding a custom link in the Navigation widget
  • TE-14838 - Improved performance when retrieving status messages for search indexing
  • TE-14851 - 404 encountered when navigating in Administrative panel to Applications
  • TE-14895 - Unauthenticated users are now redirected to login instead of 404 when viewing user notifications page
  • TE-14989 - Fixed issue with forum thread list APIs not applying MaxReplyCount when value was 0
  • TE-14998 - Content that is approved through moderation without sending an appeal (ex. moderated comment, threads) will no longer show up as user appealed in reporting
  • TE-15007 - General error reporting improvements including improved messaging and more accurate response codes
  • TE-15068 - Updated default feature sorting in the featured content carousel widget to start date
  • TE-15069 - Corrected persistence of application configuration data for forums, blogs, media, wikis that can result in configuration differences when legacy file based configuration options did not match
  • TE-15074 - Updated blog management panel to not list posts that are not editable by the accessing user
  • TE-15090 - New, auto-resolving system notification when job service cannot be contacted for an extended period of time
  • TE-15132 - Updates to allowed role editing option for platform service account
  • TE-15156 - Updated wiki page point automation to not attempt to restore points for creation when the page is edited
  • TE-15161 - Updated PDF file handling to not force downloading (downloads will still be forced when clicking explicit "download" links in media galleries).
  • TE-15185 - Removed logging 404s on content pages
  • TE-15190 - Fixed issue with being unable to mention members that have non-ASCII characters in display name
  • TE-15344 - Overwrite Permission:  Apply to New and Existing Groups, Public Closed, Members, Calendar - Create Events, Allow
  • TE-15349 - Added api.ashx to robots.txt to avoid any possibility of indexing
  • TE-15420 - Updated rendered media file listing sort option to match configuration
  • TE-15427 - Updated anonymous user mention experience
  • TE-15458 - Updated default option when creating an idea and a category is required to be 'Not Categorized' instead of defaulting to first option
  • TE-15486 - Updated date format date fields in CSV exports to be more Excel friendly and add UTC date columns
  • TE-15487, TE-15491 - Removed duplicate import in handheld.less file
  • TE-15524 - Moved calendar event and media comment notifications out of 'core' plugins to allow configurable enablement/disablement
  • TE-15532 - URL redirect improvements
  • TE-15589 - Updated studios to not refresh when searching documentation and hitting enter
  • TE-15636 - User status message is now disabled by default on REST calls for performance reasons. Added '"enableRestStatusMessageOnUser" option in communityserver.config file to re-enable the option.
  • TE-15642 - Video transcoding Job shows up in notification list due to the same class implementing the 'transcoding complete' notification
  • TE-15643 - Video Transcoder does not support transcoding videos over 2.1 GB in size
  • TE-15645 - CFS APIs now support files over 2.1 GB in size
  • TE-15683 - Fixed cache issue where comment votes total may be stale for a period of time after a vote
  • TE-15715 - Fixed caching issue that can cause destination forum thread list to not render after merging another forum into it
  • TE-15748 - Fixed issue where 'Approve' links on staged changes that appear at the bottom of the panel will not expand until scroll event occurs
  • TE-15799 - Removed legacy, unused user browse utility file
  • TE-15811 - Fixed issue with blog post PostImageUrl value being ignored on updates when using APIs
  • TE-15911 - Updated link to latest thread in Forum Thread - List widget to include 'Latest' text in link target
  • TE-16086 - Fixed paging with RoleList API
  • TE-16091 - Updated Open Graph reference URL to https
  • TE-16112 - Fixed issue with search indexing when a calendar is deleted
  • TE-16117 - Fixed duplicate blog post notifications when 'Blog Post Author' notification is enabled
  • TE-16118 - Corrected reverse inheritance processing on Unit values
  • TE-16126 - Increased OAuth token expiration time

Upgrade Notes

  • Before upgrading, read Obsolescence.
  • REST API Key Access
    • What changed?
      • Accessing REST using an API key is now authorized using the 'REST API Key Access' permission.
    • What do I need to do?
      • Any users that you want to allow accessing REST via API key must be put into the upgraded role 'API Access By Key' or the 'REST API Key Access' permission must be added to any new or existing roles that require this level of access.
  • REST User 'Current Status'
    • What changed?
      • For performance reasons, the 'CurrentStatus' value on the User (Author) entities is no longer returned by default on REST calls. This value represented the last status message the user entered and was typically never used when displaying the information it was returned with. For example, when requesting a list of forum thread replies via REST, this value for retrieved for each reply author but [typically] was out of context (never used for display) for a typical use of listing thread replies yet the cost was incurred.
    • What if I need the status message?
      • Status Message API - You can always retrieve users statuses by the Status Message REST Endpoints.
      • Globally re-enabling - To re-enable the previous behavior of including the current status, set the '"enableRestStatusMessageOnUser" option in communityserver.config file to "true".
  • CFS support for files over 2.1 GB
    • What changed?
      • The CFS API ContentLength property as been updated from a int32 to long to support files over 2.1GB.
      • Technically the CFS has always supported uploading files over 2.1 GB but the ContentLength property was inaccurate so any reference to this could create an exception. 
      • The CFS API has been around almost as long as Community and there were discussions (internal and external) around creating a new v3 API or update the existing which is traditionally something we attempt to avoid at all cost. Due to potential trickling down and invasive impact of a new V3 for this particular change, we decided to update the existing V2 ContentLength property from int32 -> long.
      • NOTE: This only impacts anyone who has written their own CFS providers or coded directly against the CFS API.
    • What do I need to do if this affects me?
      • No code changes are necessary but if impacted you will need to re-compile your assemblies against version 12.