Problems with User Profile Expertise field!

Good afternoon,

We are using the User Profile Fields. For our particular domain, one of the fields that we are using is called Expertise. This field allows for having a list of string values separated by commas where the values are predefined and chosen from a checkbox list when editing Ex.: John Smith, Expertise field can be: Hiring Practices, Sales Management, Sales Coaching Tips.

When it is displayed in the User Profile Fields, each of those values (expertise) link to the Member Directory search.

What we were expecting is that the link will redirect with the correct URL that will allow for the automatic search. The problem is that when the expertise is multiple words, the generated seems not to be correctly leading to unexpected results. We understand that the reason is that some of the extension functions that the User Profile Fields use to generate and the HTML with the link embedded is failing to generate the proper URL. Let me explain better what I mean.

Check this first picture:


In the picture above, if you click in Customer Success (check the brown square area) within the field Expertise, we are expecting something like this (see picture below):                                                                                                                                                                               

Notice, the green square area. The URL shows Customer Sucess without the double quotes as expected and as result, the Customer Customer checkbox within the Expertise field is checked. However, instead of getting that, what we are actually getting is this:

Notice that URL shows Customer Sucess WITH the double quotes which is not expected, and as result, the Customer Customer checkbox within the Expertise field is not checked.

In some instances like when clicking to another more complex Expertise value such as Sales & Marketing Technology Stack within in the User Profile Fields widget, it will lead to no results at all.

Now, although we know that you have corrected this "multiple word search issue" in the People Search widget, it seems that you might need to apply the correction also within the User Profile Field specifically for the Expertise field.

I hope this context is clear enough. If you need more information, let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Good afternoon,

    I am searching for the change in the release note, and I do not find it. I searched for TE-17203 in here, and I did not find it. Since you marked it as completed it, do you have any idea where in the release notes  I can find it?

    All that I found in the release notes that are closer to our situation is this: TE-10368 - Updated People Search widget to better handle the case when a large number of searchable profile fields are configured

    What is this about?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Howdy  - Unfortunately Steven no longer works for Verint but I did want to address your release notes question. The fix for TE-17203 has been completed for our next set of releases which are expected to be available next month.  

  • Thank you  for the information. I have another question. What would we have to do in order to also get some other corrections and some new features added to that widget (People Search widget). 

               As for the correction is:

    • When someone searches for "New York City" it should treat it as one word and not show results for any other city. Right now it is also displaying results for anything containing any of the three words. Examples: Search for "New York City" and you will get results for "New Hampshire" and "Kansas City" since both of these are words included in "New York City".

      As for the new features are:

    • Have either the ability to choose which user profile fields for search filter to show and which one not to show in the filter option. Right now, it shows all the user profile fields. For example, there are profile fields that we do not want to appear as part of the filter options. 

      Thanks in advance.
  • Howdy  pleased to be able to assist. 

    Since your site is using a customized widget for the people search, our Professional Services team may be able to make changes to it. I would suggest contacting your Customer Success Manager to discuss options.

    • In the meantime, if you were to put New York City in quotes for the search, it would limit the results to the exact match, similar to Google.
    • I would expect that the profile fields showing up in the filter have been defined as searchable on the administration side of the system. If you change these to no that would remove them from the filter.