Bug or Expected Behaviour: Tip Embeddable does not Render in Email

When using a tip from the insert menu, it is rendered as plain text

Pardon the testing to see how this platform handles it vs my test upgrade to

In my instance, the email for Forum Thread which hasn't changed in several updates, renders the tip as plain text of the content of the tip and does not indicate it is a tip at all. Is that expected or do I have something wrong/out of date on my instance?

  • Hi . This should probably be classified as a bug. Embeddables support target-specific rendering with the context_v2_embeddable.RenderTarget  API. While the Tip and Pull Quote embeddables are not yet doing this, the Navigation List embeddable does vary its output based on whether the RenderTarget == 'Web'.

    I've logged it.

    TE-16844: Tip and Pull Quote embeddables should render alternate output for non-web targets

    For a workaround, you can edit the Tip embeddable to detect the target:

    #set ($content = false)
    #set ($content = $core_v2_widget.GetStringValue('message', ''))
    #if (!$content)
    #set ($type = $core_v2_widget.GetStringValue('type', 'information'))
    #if ($context_v2_embeddable.RenderTarget != 'Web')
        <hr />
        <p class="message $core_v2_encoding.HtmlAttributeEncode($type)">$core_v2_encoding.HtmlEncode($content)</p>
        <hr />
        <div class="message $core_v2_encoding.HtmlAttributeEncode($type)">$core_v2_encoding.HtmlEncode($content)</div>

    Thanks for the report!

  • Thanks! That looks better than not knowing the tip content. Too bad the email doesn't render the pretty CSS Slight smile

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