Idea.Description Returns Idea.Name?

In researching  Idea Activity Story Missing ContentPeek URL Formatting , I've found that it looks like the Description method of Idea returns the Name instead in version

Relevant code in Idea Activity Story Default Widget:

<div class="activity-description idea user-defined-markup">
		#set($rawBody = $idea.Description)
				#set($body = $core_v2_language.Truncate($rawBody, 250, "%{ Ellipsis='...', MaintainHtmlFormatting='True' }"))
				#if ($body.Length < $rawBody.Length)
						<a href="$core_v2_encoding.HtmlAttributeEncode($idea.Url)">$core_v2_language.GetResource('read-more')</a>

Even if one prints $rawBody directly without the truncation, only the same string as the name is printed.