Article What is a wiki?

A wiki is like a research website in the context of one group. The wiki can contain nearly countless articles.

How is a wiki different from other applications?

A blog's authors are appointed in the blog creation screen under "Authors." A forum is crowd-sourced (like a wiki); however there is no "I have this question too" function in the wiki. A gallery is composed of files, which may be uploaded or downloaded. Wikis allow inserting / drag & drop image upload to an article, but don't allow downloads.

A wiki is composed of articles written by community members. The idea of a wiki is that it becomes reference material for the community.

Wiki articles have a star rating system.

A wiki article has a revision tracking system that lets you revert to a previous version or compare two versions.

How do I create a wiki?

Please refer to the What is an application? article for instructions.