Article What is QAPage structured data?

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What is QAPage?

Structured data is a set of data formats defined by Google to enable an improved display of search results for certain types of data.  QAPage is the format defined for Question and Answer pages.  A page that has proper QAPage markup will have a rich result displayed clearly outlining the questions and answer(s).

What are some limits of QAPage?

  • QA Page data is only rendered for Question and Answer threads.  Discussion threads will not render the markup.
  • Only one acceptedAnswer is allowed in the markup.  If a thread has more than one verified answer, the answer with the most votes will be used.  Additional verified answers and suggested answers are included in suggestedAnswers section of the markup.
  • To see a rich search result in Google a question is required to have at least one acceptedAnswer or suggestedAnswer.  For questions that have no answers defined, the QAPage markup will still be rendered, but Google will not display a rich result until answers have been added to the question.