Article What are the global forum options?

The global Forum > Options > Options page allows you to set forum post properties. You can:

  • Enable RSS feeds and thread status tracking.
  • Specify the number of items to display on a feed.
  • Specify the number of posts to display on a page

To set the global options:

  1. Mouse over Management.
  2. Click Administration.
  3. Navigate to Applications > Forum > Options.
  4. Set the following properties:
    • Enable RSS Feeds for public forums check box- Telligent Community Server generates RSS feeds for all public forums. A public forum is defined as a forum to which Anonymous users (in the Everyone role) have Read Content permission.
    • Enable Thread Status Tracking check box - Allows the creator of a post to mark the status as not set, answered or not answered.
    • Default Items/Feed - The number of items returned per feed.
    • Posts/Page - The number of posts to display on a page.
    • Mark New Posts as Read (Days) - After the elapsed period is exceeded, new posts are marked as read. The result is that the forum will not show a post as unread after this number of days.

  5. Click Save to apply the settings.