Article What is the question and answer workflow in forums?

When the question-and-answer thread type is enabled within a forum, the purpose of new threads within the forum is to ask a question to receive an answer.

Asking Questions

Members can ask new questions by creating new threads within the forum via the New button in the group banner or via the Ask a Question widget.

When creating a forum thread, suggestions of similar questions are provided. If a question matches, the member can click the match to view it. When viewing a thread, a member can click the I have this question too link to identify that they also have the questions. Potential answerers or support personnel can prioritize questions that are unanswered that have multiple askers.

Question threads in lists will generally show the answer status and any potential answers (if answered).

Suggesting Answers

Once the question has been asked, answers can be suggested by replying to the question (or another reply that was used to get more detail about the question) and checking the Suggest as Answer checkbox before submitting the reply.

If an existing reply appears to be an answer, the author of the reply or a moderator change change the status of the reply to be a suggested answer by clicking More > Suggest as Answer

Suggested answers are highlighted within the thread and the author of the question (and anyone who also had the question) will be notified that a potential answer has been provided to the question so they can review and verify it.

Verifying Answers

Any reply (suggested answers or others) can be verified as an answer by the author of the question, anyone who also had the question, or a moderator within the forum. For authors and members who also had the question, the Verify Answer button below each reply can be clicked. For moderators, replies can be verified by clicking More > Verify Answer.

Rejecting Answers

The author of the question and anyone who also had the question can reject answers by clicking Reject Answer below the reply/answer. Moderators can reject answers by clicking More > Reject Answer.

Answer Vote Thresholds

Administrators have the option to set Vote Thresholds for moving replies to Suggested or Verified status by clicking Manage Forum > Forum Options. Answer vote thresholds are compared against answer verifications made by either the thread starter or members who have clicked the "I have this question too" link. The up/down votes shown for replies is for quality tracking.