Article What is a forum thread?

A forum thread is a conversation. The question (or discussion statement) begins the conversation, and the replies to the thread starters are the responses.

In Telligent Community, a forum thread:

  • Provides an increased feeling of community for thread starters, replying users, and others who see the thread.
  • Provides specialized types of threads (discussion and Q&A).
  • Provides counters (likes for discussion; for Q&A, I have this question too counter and this helped me counter; for Q&A, suggested answer and verified answer).

Feeling of community

A forum is based on the community archetype. In discussion threads, one member posts a topic, and other members respond. In Q&A threads, a member poses a question, and then works with other group members who answer the question.  

Participants can indicate the relevance of the question by clicking "I have this question too" or "This helped me." Discussion and Q&A forums work differently, but they both increase community engagement.


The I have this question and This helped me counters are used to track Q&A questions. Verified answers are determined by a configurable threshold.