Article How do I install chat support?

To enable chat in Telligent Community, simply add the DLL, enable the plugin, configure the plugin, and configure the appropriate widget. 

Add the chat dll to the web folder

  1. Add the Telligent.Evolution.Chat.dll file to the web/bin folder of your Community Server installation.

Enable chat and presence

  1. In the Telligent interface, navigate to Manage > Administration > Extensions > Chat.
  2. Click the Enabled check box.
  3. Click Options. The plugin has the following options:

    • Offline Timeout Seconds - Seconds after which a user is marked offline when all of the user's connections are closed. This is a grace period to allow for navigating across pages without interrupting presence even though connections are closing and opening. Default: 10
    • Online Friend List Page Size - Number of online friends shown in the buddy list, sorted by recency of conversation, descending. Default: 15
    • Maximum Group Chat Participants - Maximum number of participants allowed in a group chat session. Default: 10
    • Conversation Life Span - Hours after which a conversation log is no longer appended to, and subsequent chat messages initiate and append to a new conversation. Default: 24
    • Set Online by Default - Whether a user should be auto-logged into chat upon sign-in. A user's own previous preference (when it exists) overrides this. Default: True
  4. Click Save.

Chat widgets

The User - Chat widget enables the online friends list and chat windows.

  1. To install this widget, as an admin navigate to the site home page, go to Manage > Manage Site Theme > Edit this Page.
  2. Mouse over the footer and click Edit footer.
  3. On the Edit this page "Widgets" tab, search for User - Chat.
  4. Drag it into the footer.
  5. Click Publish. The widget is now active.