Article How do I migrate existing wiki applications to article collections?

Article collections are designed as an alternative to wikis.  This article covers the two different ways to migrate existing wikis to article collections.  When migrating existing wikis, a new article collection is created within the same group using the same name as the wiki. As with any major change to your community, we advise that you test any migration in your staging environment before making changes to your production site. You can find more information in our training video, Wiki Migration to Article Collection.  Should you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Permissions of the wiki application are copied to the article collection.  Wiki revisions are migrated as article versions.  With the exception of the wiki's Home Page, categories are created (using the wiki page title) for all root level pages. Any wiki page that has child pages, including the Home Page, will also create a category.  When a category is created, the page the category was created from is not assigned to the category, but set as the default article for the category. Any child pages are assigned to the category. Note that article collections use these categories to create a navigation menu list which looks similar to, and replaces, the wiki table of contents. Article collections do not support a table of contents like a wiki. Content pages must be set as the default article to a category to be accessed directly from the category list navigation menu. 

Wiki syntax is converted to mentions.  Core content (likes, ratings, bookmarks, comments, views, etc...) are reassigned to the migrated articles.  Article dates are set to the dates when the wiki pages were created/modified.  URL redirects are created for each wiki page to the migrated article.  A URL redirect is created for the wiki to the article collection.  Finally the source wiki is deleted. Migration is not reversible.  

If for some reason the migration fails or is stopped due to the Job Server stopping, it can be restarted and will resume where it left off.  

Migrating a single wiki using the Manage Wiki application panel

Navigate to the wiki to be migrated and bring up the Manage Wiki application panel. Choose the option Migrate Wiki to Article Collection.

Click on migrate schedules a background job to run immediately that show progress within the Migrate Wiki to Article Collection panel and will prompt to redirect to the newly created article collection when complete.  You do not need to remain on the Migrate Wiki to Article Collection panel for the migration to complete.  The process may take quite a bit of time depending on the number of wiki pages and revisions.  

Migrating one or more wikis using the Wiki Application Type administration page.

Navigate to Administration > Applications > Wikis > Migration

Within this administration page, you can migrate one or more wikis to article collections.  You can filter the list using the "Search For..." field.  You can also choose to migrate all wikis.  You do not need to remain on the page for the migration to complete.  The process may take quite a bit of time depending on the number of wiki pages and revisions.  Only one migration can be kicked off from this page.  Any other users viewing this page will see that a migration is running and the progress of the current running migration.