Article Profile Fields in REST

Profile Fields can be set and retrieved in REST as in any other of Verint Community's API spaces.

General Notes on Profile Fields

To set a profile field, you must first define the profile field in Administration > Membership > Profile Fields and provide a value that is a valid data type for the defined field.

Using Profile Fields in REST

When building your REST request, you can include as many Profile Fields as you desire in the form with the following syntax:


Also note the following related bahaviors:

  • Providing a <FieldName> that does not exist will not save the Profile Field, because no matching Profile Field has been defined in Administration.
  • Setting <FieldValue> to an empty string ("") for an existing <FieldName> for a user will delete the matching User Profile Field.
  • Providing a different <FieldValue> for an existing <FieldName> for a user will overwrite the existing User Profile Field value.