Posting a gif...

Hello - does anyone know how I can enable a member to include a GIF in one of their posts, please? I've tried every which way I can think of, in the blog and forum, but they all seem to come out as static images instead of GIFs.

Thank you!

  •    I've had similar issues with gifs in the past. You might want to read through  Zoom works on images but not gifs for some additional information and context. 

    How is the member "including" the gif? Is it being copied from another site (such as using a standard copy/paste? If so, the static image will be copied. Alternatively, if you take the URL of the image and insert that like a file, it should work as expected (minus the zoom settings per the post I mentioned above).

    I tried this in this reply, using (the first result for "Community" in Giphy Slight smile). When I copy the image and paste it (which isn't working on this reply for some reason, but I tried in Outlook too), only the static image is copied:

    But grabbing the image's url:

    allows you to insert it on the post

    and save the post/reply, showing the gif: 

    Edit: In v12 (which I haven't upgraded to yet), I believe I've seen other communities have an embeddable for giphy to make this easier for members.

  • The relevancy of that gif... Using my "normal" way of posting gifs seems to work as well:

    I searched for a gif just using google images. Right click on the gif. Click "Copy image"

    then I come paste it here and all is well. Wonder if this is a allowed file type setting not turned on (since I am an Admin here).

    Here is a drag/dropped version from my computer. I saved the image to my computer, then just drag/dropped it over into this reply.

  • Also if you're using you should be able to just click the "share" button and click Copy GIF link

    then just come to a post/reply and click paste, it will automatically show the gif:

  • ight click on the gif. Click "Copy image"

    then I come paste it here and all is well. Wonder if this is a allowed file type setting not turned on (since I am an Admin here).

    That's odd, it seems to be different per site (and maybe OS since it looks like you're on a PC  ?). I just tried it here too with a gif from google and no issues:

    But when I copy the first one I tried from Giphy and paste it, the image doesn't stay in this post:

    It seems inconsistent to me (but might not be the fault of the platform)

  • Yeah I've found it's pretty inconsistent depending *where* you get your gif from. Even on Giphy if you just right click and copy/paste, it doesn't work - but once I clicked "Share" and then "Copy Gif Link" it was just fine. It's wonky on my iphone as well - sometimes gifs work, but sometimes they just don't. Clearly I'm outing myself as an avid gif user, but that's ok.

    Here is my test using your original gif after clicking the Share button on Giphy then copying gif link:

    Again - I clicked Share:


    Came here and just did good ole fashioned Ctrl + V. and it worked.

    You are correct sir that I am on a PC - I haven't figured out how to build my own Macs quite yet!

  • Thanks so much for all the advice! I'm trying to take it from a Word doc however - and haven't been able to get any of these methods to work. Would you happen to know if I need to save it down as some format on my desktop as it only offers 'Save as Picture' so I can't find a way to move it across the the post: 

  • So, I've tried the drag & drop directly from the Word doc, but it doesn't appear in the post at all.

    I tried saving it down on the computer, or copy and paste, but then it appears as a static image. The same if I upload it within the post as an image/video, or in the file upload space, also in thumbnail part.

    I also tried the forum post.. but so far they all come out as static! 

  • Could you send me the word doc directly by chance? I can’t say I’ve ever tried to snag a gif embedded in a word doc but happy to play around!

  • yes of course, will do - I'll send that over on email now, Thank you!

  • Thank you for sending! I'll let you officially put a bow on this one   but believe we are all sorted. This was due to how the gif was embedded in the word doc. Once we saved it from the source it played nicely as a gif and could be inserted into the blog post. Please let us know if you need anything else!