Calendar events script API not working with Extended Attributes

I've been looking at Extended Attribute for some of the integration work we're doing and all was well until I got to Calendar Events. For some reason they don't behave as expected. Here's how I'd add an Extended Attribute to a Forum;

#set($options = "%{}")
$options.Add('_ExtendedAttributes_e14Matt5', 'hi')
#set($forumResponse = $core_v2_forum.Update(4, $options))

This works fine, and I see them in the response (running in the Script Sandbox);

When I do the same thing for Calendar Events it doesn't return anything;

#set($options = "%{}")
$options.Add('_ExtendedAttributes_e14Matt5', 'hi')
#set($eventResponse = $calendar_v1_events.Update(2, 1, $options))

When I look at the event via the REST API, there are no Attribs there either;

We're on 11.1.7, so I was expecting this to work based off other posts (here, and here) which indicate there might have been issues with Extended Attributes on this content type.

Am I doing something dumb here?



  • FYI, I tested that my code is actually updating the event I think it's supposed to be updating by changing the title;

    #set($options = "%{}")
    $options.Add('_ExtendedAttributes_e14Matt5', 'hi')
    $options.Add('Title', 'hi2')
    #set($eventResponse = $calendar_v1_events.Update(2, 1, $options))

    This correctly updates the title, but doesn't update the Extended Attributes.

    If attributes have been set via the REST API then they are retrieved by the script API, so at least that's working.

  • It doesn't look like the Update script call supports ExtendedAttributes calendar_v1_events Script API 

    I am not sure why, it just doesn't read the _ExtendedAttributes_ options and include them in the API call.  The In-Process API Update call supports them and the REST API call supports them (after the fix in 11.1.5).  I will file a bug to have support added to the Script API.

    To get this working now, you would either need to use REST or create your own  Widget Extensions  that called the In-Process API and set the extended attributes that way.

    TE-16897: Calendar Events Script APIs do not support extended attributes

  • Okay, thanks for confirming. We'll have to temporarily patch this with some helper script API code which will use the In-Process API.

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