How to add my Custom Content to Navigation Bar

Hi everyone

I have created my custom content type and my custom application for it.

Now I have to add this app to the Navigation bar: 

Is it possible from plugin side or should I update widget/page loyaut in the widget studio?

  •   thank you, that was helpful!

    I found, that 


    interface has property

    ICustomNavigationItem[] Children

    Is there any way to use that property? As I understand it may be something like dropdown links or I don't know //

    I tried to add children links but don't see any UI changes.

    public interface ICustomNavigationItem
        ICustomNavigationPlugin Plugin { get; }
        string Label { get; }
        string Url { get; }
        Guid UniqueID { get; }
        ICustomNavigationItem[] Children { get; set; }
        bool IsVisible(int userID);
        bool IsSelected(string currentFullUrl);
        string CssClass { get; }
        ICustomNavigationItemConfiguration Configuration { get; }

  • This is a limitation imposed by the Social theme - the maximum link depth supported by the Group - Banner widget is 1. Increasing it would be a customization (you would need to increase the maximumDepth parameter of the navigation configuration item and then update the link rendering in the widget to handle the .Children parameter accordingly).

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