Is there a way to track the history of a thread?

Is there a way we can determine whether a thread has been posted in another forum or if a thread has been edited?

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  • Hi Liz, could you describe a use case for me on the first part of your question? Want to make sure I am following. Right now I'm thinking the activity stream is where you can see all forum threads and where they are posted. Not sure if that is what you're after though.

    The second part has two answers:

    1) Thread does have edit fields the user can add edit notes to, which can be one way to determine if a thread is edited

    2) v12 will have auditing included, which gives an admin the ability to see changes across the community.


  • Thanks, Grant. A forum manager asked me if there was a way to determine whether a thread has been moved from one forum to another. Will admins be able to view this in v12? 

    Thanks for the help! I am new to the platform and I appreciate your thorough response.

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