Is there a way to disable user reputation scores?


Our Community is a support forum, where people affected by cancer come to support each other. Because of the nature of our Community, we don't necessarily want to have user scores present on the site as this has been upsetting for some of our members. They feel it 'rates' people's experiences and puts numbers/values on their input which can be distressing, and feel as though it breaks the community feel. 

I've been searching around but I can't find a way to disable the user reputation scores. I can see from the user docs that it's part of core functionality so I'm guessing it's not as simple as unticking a box, but I just wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything?

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  • Hi , totally get why that would be distressing, the members of your community have enough to worry about, anything we can do to help alleviate concerns is critical!

    I'm wondering if it would be better to hide the scores rather than turn them off, here is my thinking... Scores are used for more than just how active people are on the site. They also help give users more credibility to helping monitor the site. I would hate to think anyone would do this on your site in particular, but if there is a spammer, active users have the ability to flag items quickly (I know you and your team are all over it, but the community helps), which would then hide that content for review. There may be other functionality scores are tied to as well.

    That said, I will investigate this further with some internal team members on the best approach. Thank you!

  • Oh yes definitely - if hiding is an option then that would be a really helpful solution.

    We don't have scores showing on profiles, but when users hover over other users they can see the user rep which is where this particular complaint is coming from. So much less an issue for mobile users, but if there's a way for us to hide this, that would be fantastic.

    Thank you! 

  • Sounds like you've already removed the points widgets from relevant pages, but you'll need to edit the User - Hover widget to remove the section on points. You can find the widget at Administration > Interface > Widget Studio > User - Hover. It's in the get-user-information.vm file, the div section starting <div class="points">

    FWIW I agree with Grant that points should stay active, but hidden.

  • Thanks so much - this is really helpful. We just tried it in our sandbox and it seems to work perfectly. Thanks again, really appreciate it Slight smile

    And thanks for the suggestion to hide - saves time doing anything major behind the scenes. 

  • We're in a similar position to EllenB (not surprising, as our use case is pretty similar too). I understand why we wouldn't want to remove the concept of scores, but the ability for users to down-vote each other is proving a real sticking point, and is hated by some of our key people, as indeed is any form of "gamification" such as leader boards.

    We can make changes analogous to those suggested by  , but really the answer is probably to allow only positive feedback, such as Likes. That could usefully be a standard feature, though we'll look at it anyway.