Path for HTTP-accessible file structure

On our current Community platform, we have a dedicated GitHub repo for our content team to commit files to (usually images), these are then auto-synced onto our servers in a subfolder that’s accessible via HTTP to any connection. This ensures we have traceability and files are available across all environments with no effort from that team to keep them in sync.


That ‘images’ folder is basically the root of the GitHub repository.. then the content guys own the rest of the path, creating folders when necessary to multiple levels in GitHub.

On the server we simply do a pull of the latest changes & they’re then available on that server’s filesystem.

In Telligent we’re wondering where we can put this. I’ve tried putting it in /filestorage/ under a few different paths.

/cfs-file/__key/system/e14/sudose.png This works
/cfs-file/__key/system/e14/2020/sudose.png This doesn’t work. Says ‘Validation Error An error occurred validating a field. Please try again.’
/cfs-file/__key/e14/sudose.png Doesn’t work.. returns 404 from IIS

We don’t need the validation token for these files.. they’re completely open to any user. The files are used within content & group pages, not the theme itself.

Is there a recommended path we can use for these files? Or maybe a different URL which will work for this use-case?

For bonus points it’d also be useful to be able to access the files from C# plugin code, e.g. CentralizedFileStorage.GetGenericDownloadUrl("system", "images", "embedcode.png");

Thanks in advance,