How can I export a list of all of the tags in my community?

I would like to export a csv file (or could be in some other format) of all of the tags in our community. It is tedious to know what to clean up (rename, merge, etc.) and difficult to build a site taxonomy because the tags are connected to individual applications. How do those of you who have been using Telligent for longer manage taxonomy and get a good view of tags across all groups/applications?

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  • Hi . One way to do this would be to use the tag API. I've attached a widget that will render all the tags in a community in an HTML table, including the tag's name, count of content using the tag, and the last time the tag was applied.

    	<scriptedContentFragment name="Tag Table" version="" description="List all tags in a table" instanceIdentifier="4ea4ac64a0264163bb0f58a0edfb6363" theme="" isCacheable="false" varyCacheByUser="false" showHeaderByDefault="true" cssClass="" lastModified="2020-05-29 21:40:05Z">
    		<contentScript language="Velocity"><![CDATA[## Get the total count of pages of tag results
    #set ($pageSize = 100)
    #set ($tags = $core_v2_tags.List("%{ PageIndex = 0, PageSize = 1 }"))
    #set ($totalPages = $tags.TotalCount / $pageSize)
    ## Loop through each page of tags
            <th>Tag Name</th>
            <th>Tagged Content Count</th>
            <th>Latest Tagged Date</th>
        #set ($pages = [0..$totalPages])
        #foreach ($pageIndex in $pages)
        	## Load the page of tags and output them
        	#set ($tags = $core_v2_tags.List("%{ PageIndex = $pageIndex, PageSize = $pageSize }"))
        	#foreach ($tag in $tags)
        		    #set ($queryString = "q=tag:($tag.Name)")
        		    #set ($searchUrl = $core_v2_urls.Search("%{ QueryString = $queryString }"))
        		    <td><a href="$searchUrl")>$tag.Name</a></td>
    		<headerScript language="Velocity" />
    		<additionalCssScript language="Velocity" />

  • To add to and his widget I have made a couple of updates (replaced inline in his post).

    Most important is that the tag names will be linked to search now so when you have the table you can click into the tag name and get a search result list for all content that contains that tag.

  • Now that the smart folks have done their above and beyond part (thanks guys!!), I'd like to offer if you need help getting this widget into your site, I'm happy to walk you through that.

    For reference:

  • Thank you so much and ! Our team will reach out to learn how to do this. Appreciate the help so much.

  • Hello there.  Is there a form of this widget that can be focused to just one blog?