Automation deprecates core_v2_rule?

Post upgrade from 10.1 to 11.1, found that the previously configured rules were "upgraded" to Automations. Cool. But it appears that they weren't really upgraded in a way that makes them work... specifically core_v2_rule seems to be missing/deprecated and now I'm getting exceptions when automation are trying to run.

Telligent.Evolution.ScriptedContentFragments.Model.JavaScriptException: Line 2, Column 0: ReferenceError: core_v2_rule is not defined
 at call(Jint.Parser.Ast.ThisExpression) @  0:1
 ---> Jint.Runtime.JavaScriptException: core_v2_rule is not defined

Is there a relatively pain free way to update this functionality?

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  • Restarting shouldn't be necessary unless your site's message bus is not enabled or is misconfigured. In that case a restart should pick up the changes, but you may have another issue to review (check Administration  > Site > Message Buses and ensure that one is enabled and working properly).