Telligent New Consent Page - Not able to access any other pages without acknowledging the consent

Hi Team,

I would like to access site terms of service page from consent page. But the behavior I am getting is when click Terms of service page link that are present in Consent page is still redirecting to consent page only?

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  • Terms of service page is an active url inside the domain itself. When I given google url the link is working. Seems to be that without consent ackonowleding not able to access any pages inside the same domain.

    I understand this to be the issue, however, this is not how the behavior works as I identified earlier. I would recommend that you check the URL and its casing to ensure that it is completely valid (and not redirected because of casing standardization). When the URL is correct, the issue does not occur--the URL (even when it is on the same domain and hosted by the community) is accessible.

    We don't need consent page. Is there any way to accomplish this?

    Currently, the consent page cannot be removed.

    I would recommend copying the URL from your the Terms of Service box in Administration > Site > Identification Options, navigating to that URL in a browser, copying the URL once the page loads, and pasting that URL back into the Terms of Service box and saving the Identification Options again.

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