Support Policy

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This site provides community-based answers to questions. Although these public forums are monitored by Verint employees, there is no guarantee of a specific response time or resolution. To utilize the benefits of a support contract, Verint Support. For more information visit our Support FAQ

Service Packs 

We strive to build products that are innovative, feature-rich and bug-free. However at times, our best intentions are met with challenges that our customers, partners, and employees discover, so we work quickly to fix issues. You may be wondering, what if I come across an issue and report it to Verint, how is that handled? Some issues we can fix right away, others may take a bit of extra effort and require a change to your existing environment. The latter types of issues are what we consider for a service pack.

Submitting a Hotfix Request

To submit a request for a particular issue to be included in our next service pack for your version, please fill out the support case form in its entirety on our site: Support Case Creation In the "Enter Summary" field, please also include your priority needs for fixing the issue.

Request Requirements

An issue can be requested to be included in the next service pack when:

  • Customer is current on Support & Maintenance or has an active SaaS or Term License Community
  • The version of the product being used is still a supported version as defined in the Product Life Cycle section.
  • All other debugging and non-coded suggestions have failed to provide a resolution to the customer.
  • The support team has verified the ability to reproduce the issue with an out-of-the-box (OOTB) installation of Verint Community.
  • There is not a workaround available that is deemed acceptable.
  • The blocking issue/bug is not the result of a customization made to the product beyond OOTB functionality.
  • The issue is blocking functionality that is core to the client’s site and business needs. 
  • If a request is accepted, the customer will be asked to apply the latest service release so that they are running the latest version of that release.

If these criteria are met then we will begin the service pack process and we will inform you of our expectations for when a fix will be made. We know every issue can be a big impact to your community and we will review each request as quickly as possible.  Thank you for helping to improve our product!