Common Customer needs from an "Incredible" Social Community

Customers typically want the same things from a positive Social Community experience.  They want information, support, and interaction:

Information. Information comes in the form of Forums or Blogs and can be documented and searched.  Some common topics may include technical information, product/sales information and upcoming product enhancements etc.

This makes it easy for users to easily search for technical answers to their questions in a fast and timely manner.  It also keeps your community abreast on future enhancements, product releases and upgrades and also allows for product information and sales to be displayed where information is easily accessible.

Support. Support comes in many forms including a quick search of similar topics, commenting on posts for feedback, or contacting subject matter experts directly.

Having this type of information reside within your community allows members to help one another out.  You begin to have users act as your contact center, answering questions, working through problems, and helping one another out.

Interaction. Interaction is the foundation of what a good Community solution really strives to deliver. 

A well-deployed Community will encourage and reward interaction.  Individuals that add the most value to that Community will be viewed as valuable resources and in-turn create more collaboration with their knowledge and willingness to create, edit, and approve content.  Sharing is the real cornerstone of any Community.  Sharing views, knowledge, interests, wants, needs….this is where the “magic happens”.

Customers are demanding and they “require” a fully-featured Community.  They say “It takes a village”... with an Incredible Social Community like Telligent in place, it builds itself!