Verint Community Marketplace - Now Open!

One of the reasons customers choose Verint Community is the flexibility and ability to make their community look, feel, and function exactly how they would like it to. Over the years we have had customers and partners build incredible communities on top of our platform. We want to showcase, share, and provide access for customers and partners to make use of and benefit from some of that work.

We are officially introducing the Verint Community Marketplace! The Marketplace will serve as a home for various add-ons, widgets, and integrations that our customers can use on their own communities. Whether the listing is from our own team members or one of our partners, we want our customers to see the capabilities of the platform, extend the functionality beyond what's available "out of the box" if so desired, and take advantage of the additional functionality available to them.

On the Marketplace homepage, you will see all of our listings and can use the filters to find any piece of functionality that fits your budget or community version.

Once you have clicked into a listing, you'll find more about the functionality itself, if it will work on your current version, if it is free or for a cost, and how it is supported. You will also be able to either contact the author of the listing to gain access, or download it right away!

We will be expanding the Marketplace with new Verint-built and Partner-built listings as soon as they are available, and continue to build a rich set of options for our customers and partners to choose from.

Have something you want to contribute to the Marketplace? Feel free to contact me through the community and we will review your submission right away. Happy connecting!

  • Hey Grant. Good move. 

    1.  Is this marketplace part of the Verint Community code base. I would be interested in that for several customers. Mobilizing a conversation is one but monetizing on the conversation has a much probable business case.
    2. How can I enter products in this marketplace? I presume it is manual for now
  • Thanks, !

    1. We will be adding the marketplace functionality to the Marketplace listings in the near future! There are a few things we need to do to make it consumer ready so that it is an easy "package" to take and deploy elsewhere. I'll keep you updated on our progress here as we're hearing a lot of positive feedback about wanting something similar.

    2. Your assumption is correct, it is a manual entry at this time. We review submissions before they are entered into the Marketplace as a bit of protection for our customers. If you would like to add something, just reach out to me directly and I'll loop you into the process!

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