We're excited to let you know that in our continued alignment with Verint and our investments in support we have migrated to a Telligent dedicated system for our case management.

This migration entails a few changes that we want to ensure that you are aware of so that your support experience can be as smooth as possible.

What's New:

Opening Cases - to open a new case with Telligent support please visit the form at http://www.telligent.com/support. If emailing is easier or you would also like to add attachments to your case please send us an email through support@telligent.com.

What's Changed:

The support portal located at http://support.zimbra.com can no longer be used to manage your open cases. Cases shown on the Zimbra Support Portal are contained in a separate system and will no longer reflect the most recent updates.

Sending an email to support@zimbra.com will not create a case for the Telligent support team. Please use support@telligent.com.

The case numbering system has reverted to our original numbering with each case number being prefixed by T000. If you were working from a list of cases in the Zimbra support system please inform your Customer Success Manager that you'd like to get a new open case list.

What's Coming:

We plan to continue making investments that make it easier for you to create and manage your own cases.

We look forward to assisting you and welcome any feedback you may have.