Download Telligent Community 9.0 Preview 4 | Questions, feedback and suggestions

IMPORTANT Telligent Community 9.0 Preview 4 is not supported for production purposes and includes a license that expires January 15, 2016.

Telligent Community includes everything you need to create incredible social communities.

A few highlights for what you'll find in version 9.0:

  • Updateded user experience
  • New contextual community management panels
  • New support for staging/draft changes
  • More widget rendering options for responsive/adaptive
  • Enhanced forums functionality: I have this question too, community answer verification and more
  • Enhancements to SEO
  • New leader boards
  • New Administration user experience (formerly Control Panel)
  • New moderation workflow
  • Developer enhancements such as: webhooks, application monitoring, application tracing

Check out our 9.0 preview video to learn more.

If you don't want to bother with downloading and installing the software you can also start a 9.0 trial with our limited SaaS trial option.

What we updated between Preview 3 and Preview 4 - thanks for all the great feedback!


  • Added is Approved check for replies and threads before creating notification.
  • Added API to detect platform-defined factory default providers.
  • Added database indexes to the new te_Content_Recent table.
  • Added isSystemAccount to auto subscription on forum create.
  • Added ui-loading component. Updated styling of lookup text boxes in management panels.
  • Added group validation in the blog options panel
  • Added "Text Content" tab on moderation queue to provide access to review all textual content associated to the content.
  • Added tier2 browser message for IE9 when attempting to access administration.
  • Added new action to InlineCodeBasedUpgrades that will migrate group sort order settings on upgrade.Updated banner to link to https and also updated attribution.js at This corrects the link but also requires that we do finally install a certificate on for any of this to work.
  • Added developer mode identifier on the about page and in the diagnostics export.
  • Added support for setting the featured content slider background image width, updated image resizing to use the configured width/height, and added descriptions for width, height, and feature image fields.
  • Added check to NotificationDistrubutionService to ensure user exists before distributing notification. Added check to AbusiveAppealExpirationNotificationType to ensure ContentType was AbusiveCheckingType. This is needed in case content is removed while job is running, the contenttype will come back as rootapplicationtype. Added check on ActivityStoryService get to ensure story was not null. Added check to CalendarEventUpdatedNotificationType to ensure user still exists.
  • Added MegaBytesToBytesControl to support displaying MegaBytes but storing bytes. Updated Gallery Options panel to convert megabytes to bytes as well.

Improved / Changed

  • Adjusted administration panel loading to only load uncategorized plugins when rendering the administration UI (instead of app start). This prevents an app-domain scan at app start (which takes a few seconds). Also alleviated the need to load plugin configuration from the database when retrieving unenabled plugins (the configuration is now loaded from the cache).
  • Updated development mode options to require that the user is authenticated.
  • Ensured that text written to exception and diagnostic exports is properly sanitized for XML (previously characters used for obfuscation could cause exports to fail).
  • Updated name of the email template wrapper to "Master Email Template" to make it easier to find.
  • Restored more/cancel resources in the Idea Links widget.
  • Updated wording of blog author notification to "I add a post to a blog"
  • Adjusted css to prevent text overlap without causing misalignment of avatars
  • Updated ModerationAuthorContentNotificationType to auto appeal when the user is a system account and not to send a notification to the system account. Added check on SendMail to no longer allow emails to be sent to system accounts. Added check on notification controller so notifications to system accounts will no longer be created.
  • Updated page context parsing to provide all IDs when adding users. Also, when adding supplemental users (author, owner), the relationship is now specified. When there are multiple contextual users (with relationships) all are available on the context. Updated context retrieval in the widget API to be more careful.
  • Ensured that the User's content model ID is properly retrieved.
  • Restored rule-based permission to enable thread authors to reject answers they haven't voted for.
  • Updated duplicate system notifications (ie conversations created by the system account) to instead update the original message to be unread, along with a tracking message indicating how many times this message has been sent. Also removed some obsolete code from Messages core classes.
  • Updated contextual panel shell to redirect to login when a shell URL is present and the user is not logged in.
  • Updated notifications display to show notification that had not expired on the next page load if the next page is loaded within 90 seconds and to the same user.
  • Ensured that disabled plugins can still render widgets for configuration.
  • Adjusted SEO options panel to be saved without flagging browser XSS protections
  • Mapped IsContainer,IsContent,IsApplication in velocity to API
  • Updated ago date formatting to support future dates as well.
  • Adjusted default license to expire, added expiration date to expires page when no license installed
  • Updated job schedule validation to allow one unit to overflow into another (for example 60 minutes is now valid and doesn't need to be specified as 1 hour).
  • Improvements to Jobs Panel
  • Workaround for Chrome/Windows issue with incorrectly scrolling administration panes
  • Updated widget publishing to first save a copy of the target widget, attempt save, and attempt to restore the widget if the publish operation fails. Improved error logging to identify issues in publishing and widget restoration.
  • Updated developer mode to only be enabled for factory default providers within assemblies built in debug mode. Disabled developer mode when using a production license.
  • Simplified moderation email text
  • Updated AbuseService to remove abuse record before restoring content.
  • Updated administration UI to only show licensing, exceptions, events, and about when accessed remotely with an invalid license.
  • Moved StoryTypes check for existing activity stories to after other AfterUpdate events. This way if content was flagged as abusive or for moderation, when it was approved all updates would occur before checking for existing story.
  • Updated widget publishing to first save a copy of the target widget, attempt save, and attempt to restore the widget if the publish operation fails. Improved error logging to identify issues in publishing and widget restoration.
  • Updated pencil icon to work correctly on click.
  • Updated notification persistence to only store incomplete notifications when the page unloads, only show persisted notifications when the top-level window loads, to combine incomplete notifications instead of overwriting on each page unload, and to clear persisted notifications when they are retrieved to be shown again (they'll be put back if the window that picks them up is closed before the notifications are fully shown).
  • Updated tab in suggestions on composers to close suggestions and move to the next tab target. Added "close" option to suggestions in ask a question and forum thread/reply create/edit widgets.
  • Updated role description to be an NVarChar. There is another extended character encoding issue, but getting this in first.
  • Updated Facebook OAuth plugin according to Facebook Graph API changes (version 2.5)
  • Updated widgets using evolutionTagTextBox to specify applicationId to enable search-based tag lookups.
  • Updated the tag management panel to support searching.
  • Adjust image tag processing to set width and max-width when appropriate, and clear up scaling and other logic.
  • Switched anonymous check to Accessing user instead of Comment User
  • Refresh waits for webhook callback to be completed.
  • Backported refactored server-side concatenation/modularization of admin shell JS from widget studio JS approach


  • Removed procedure spam_GetRecentPostCountFromIP. Removed indexes added to improve performance of spam_GetRecentPostCountFromIP.
  • Removed reference to removed communities group in the enterprise site starter kit.
  • Removed possibility of duplicate headers for Message-ID.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed logic issue preventing preview URLs of widgets within the site theme.
  • Fixed issue causing ideas submitted by another user to be deleted when a user was deleted. The exceptions were fixed as part of bug 98096.
  • Fixed ordering of editor theme names, added option for tree syncing, corrected issues with left/right tab navigation, made tab navigation drag/droppable, corrected tab styling and added truncation, updated headers to link to overview from name and make entire component name a drop down link, updated action link styling and included on all headers, corrected attachment delete links, added API documentation link and partial field descriptions.
  • Fixed exceptions when adding/removing multiple users to/from a group
  • Fixed fullscreen view to render above the fixed site header.
  • Fixed Wiki page author correctly displayed in wiki history widget
  • Fixed SSL rendering of YouTube file viewer.
  • Fixed comment edit permission check in Ideas.
  • Fixed "IsAnnouncement" field of forum thread is true when StickyDate is >1 year
  • Fixed capitalization in descriptions.
  • Fixed CFS URLs already set cache headers on all responses, ensured that other HTTP requests for semi-static content also always provide valid cache headers.
  • Fixed leading/trailing spaces within HTML fragments resulting from embed code detection are replaced with   so the spacing is not lost.
  • Fixed web hook registration halting early, before all events were registered for a webhook
  • Fixed paging on author delete page content list
  • Fixed issue with touch event delegation on touch devices with IE11 or later, and corrected styling of stream comment submit buttons. Also updated contextual shell to support clicking as a means to minimize/maximize the shell as mouse events aren't available on large touch devices that would otherwise support administration.
  • Fixed Capture to wiki will only show if a capture Url is returned(user can create pages in a wiki and new threads)
  • Fixed changes to ModerationAuthorContentNotificationType as moderated content was already auto appealed. Added AutoAppeal when abusive content was authored by a system account, such as the Anonymous user.
  • Fixed divide by 0 error that could occur when browsing the Possibly Abusive Moderation queue.
  • Fixed issue in quick post that could cause multiple file selection UIs to be shown when attaching a file to a status message.
  • Fixed mention create to generate the Id in code so it can be propagated to create args.
  • Fixed displaying blog-by-email address on blog options panel when enabled
  • Fixed URL extraction in TinyMCE.
  • Fixed Calendar Event moderation, added IAbuseDetector
  • Fixed wiki page expunge to actually delete when appropriate.
  • Fixed cleanly handle enabling/disabling a webhook without changing the subscribed events.
  • Fixed the isHidden flag to reset when a forum reply with children is expunged, allowing the [deleted] message to show.
  • Fixed new point transaction permission logic.
  • Fixed TokenizedTemplate.Id for thread and reply subject.
  • Fixed scrolling within modals on iOS.
  • Fixed issue preventing quick search from fully opening in some situations.
  • Fixed encoding issue when rendering the role edit form.
  • Fixed timing and refresh issues in the preview panel. Corrected issue preventing preview from being enabled across devices.
  • Fixed references to non-local URLs.
  • Fixed one instance where feature links was not shown by default on blog post page.
  • Fixed calendar xml and widgets to include Feature link by default.
  • Fixed encoding issue introduced by group sort order processing. Widget configuration data that includes embedded files was not previously completely URL encoded, so re-encoding the configuration of site banner resulted in a corrupt embedded file. Files are now encoded fully, but for backwards support, we should minimally edit configuration.
  • Fixed a lot of email digest issues including forum threads not appearing, comments on new content not appearing, updated wiki pages appearing as new, stories appearing more than one time, and other formatting.
  • Fixed issue preventing translations from rendering on plugins that implement IRenderableConfigurablePlugin.