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Telligent Community 10.1 Available

We're excited to announce general availability of Telligent Community 10.1. There are a number of significant updates in this version that we hope you will like.

Site Banner

The Site Banner has been updated to support easy branding changes directly within widget configuration without the need for custom development, including custom borders and colors with configuration-defined presets. The banner can be configured with light, dark, or custom color modes. 




Group Banner

Branding Configuration


The Group Banner has been updated to support easy branding changes within widget configuration without the need for custom development, including custom borders, colors, and gradients with configuration-defined presets. 

Applied Gradient

Cover Photo

The Group Banner also now supports assigning cover photos through configuration. When cover photos are applied, they override other color/branding settings. The widget also supports defining cover photo effects for greatest legibility of foreground text, including the blurring of the photo and foreground shadows. When a cover photo is applied, the banner renders taller on the group's home page, but normal size on other pages.

These updates along with with the site banner and blog banner branding support make branding Community simple.

User Cover Photos and User Profile 

Just like the site and group banners, the user banner also received cover photo support. User cover photos show up in multiple places on the site including in the site banner, user hover, and of course on the redesigned profile page. 

Administrators have full control over which users are allowed to set cover photos and of course, these changes come with a set of new APIs to work with.

The profile page was redesigned to provide a better view of community members. Profile fields can now be shown individually or in sets (and highlighted in the sidebar) or shown in as a navigable set of profile field groups. Community participation is highlighted by showing user's achievements, friends, badges, and group membership. 


New Blog Widgets 

Prior to 10.1, blogs inherited the branding of their parent group. In 10.1, blogs have greater control over this with the introduction of the new Blog Banner widget. 

The new Blog Banner widget supports inheriting the group's branding or defining its own, including colors, cover photos, feature photos, and more. The new Byline, Header, and Content widgets support more customized layouts.

Below is the same blog post with different configurations using 10.1’s new blog widgets.

The Blog Banner also supports rendering optional custom navigation to support highly branded blogs with their own custom links.

Blog Post List Widget

The Blog Post List widget has been updated to support greater flexibility and configurability through a new grid view layout, paging and filtering options, and feature-based filtering. Combining these additions supports custom scenarios where a blog could identify a featured posts grid above a normal, navigable, list of latest blog posts.

Activity Stream Improvements

Rich Excerpts

Previously, excerpts of content were shown in the activity stream which removed all HTML formatting and media. In some places, media would be extracted and shown after the post. Now, all stories (aside from status messages which are not truncated) use a markup-safe truncation method that allows formatting and media to show in excerpt form.

Replying to Forums

In 10.1, new replies can be added and answers can be suggested directly within the activity stream.

Other Activity Stream Improvements

  • Improved media handling
    • Videos render for playing inline (most video renderings support full-screen mode for a full experience, but can otherwise be viewed within the stream)
    • Audio can be played inline.
    • Images render within the stream and can be clicked to be viewed larger
    • Documents can be clicked to be viewed within document preview
  • Activity Story Update Identification - Better identification as to why an activity story was bumped
  • Configurable "bump windows" - Configure a number of hours between bumps for comments, wiki edits, and forum replies
  • Improved location identification - Stories now include the application giving better context

New Featured Content Carousel

The Featured Content Slider from 10.0 has been replaced with the new Featured Content Carousel, which is a significantly updated version with more branding configuration and better performance. New features include supporting page or window width, the configurable positioning of content, configurable rendering of background images (blurring, content-positioning-dependent shadows) with more, higher-contrast foregrounds, per-feature custom colors or gradients with configuration-defined presets and default photo support. 

Improved Responsive Rendering

Responsive rendering has been significantly improved to render much faster on mobile devices and more correctly handle realtime changes to window/device size and arrangement.

Forum Merger 

As communities grow, sometimes they need re-organization. The new "Merge Forum" feature allows you to consolidate one forum into another.

Forum Thread Auto Locking

Individually configure forums to automatically lock threads that have been inactive for a specified period of time.

Embed Codes

Added embeddable (via Editor->Insert Embed Code) support for embed codes from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, OneDrive (Office 365 documents), Google Maps, Google Calendar, and Google Docs

Right-to-left Language Enablement

10.1 includes support to enable right-to-left languages. New platform-defined options make right-to-left themes or theme customizations possible.

  • Global direction definition for style targeting and default CSS direction definition
  • Direction-specific CSS file rendering within themes
  • Right-to-left support in the content editor
  • Right-to-left behavior in the front-end contextual panel shell

Azure PaaS Services Support

With Telligent Community 10.1, new communities can be deployed to Azure allowing you to leverage managed services for your community’s database, files storage, web apps, and CDN.

Other features and improvements include:

  • Live Interaction Updates
    • Likes and votes are updated real-time wherever they are displayed
  • Thread Quality Voting
    • In 10.0 we introduced comment and reply quality voting. 10.1 adds the ability to vote up or down threads
  • Refactored theme implementation for easier editing
    • Modularized LESS files
    • Standardization on common LESS variables
  • New selectable group avatars
    • Setup a predefined list of group avatars
  • Video Transcoder Updates
    • Faster transcoding
    • Notification sent to uploader when transcoding is complete
    • Administrative transcoding status panel to view progress, cancel, and re-transcode videos if necessary
    • Visually redesigned
  • Document Viewer Updates
    • Visually redesigned to match new video transcoder
    • Downloadable documents while converting
    • Fully supported in mobile including areas like the activity stream
  • Improved user reputation algorithm
    • Added configurable time limits to give better control on when old content falls out of metric calculations
  • Improved Modals
    • Rewritten to provide a better desktop and mobile experience
  • Updated Ideation Voting UI
    • Unfiltered HTML and Generic Content widget Updates
      • New Configuration options for background color / image, Height, Width (allowing full window), CSS Class (enabling easier one-off styling)
    • Editor Improvements
      • Improved visualizations and editing experience for quoting, embedding images, emoticons, code embedding, tokens, and media embedding
    • Improved Upgrade Experience 
      • Widget-related changes are now categorized for easier review
      • Any translations, additional resources, etc will be kept when the updated version of the widget is accepted
      • Improved cache busting to ensure all users see the latest changes

    But that's not all. To see a full of changes check out the release notes.