We recently added some integration in our community with our project management tool, Target Process. This integration enables this community to be directly linked to our product managers and developers.

For example, within a support forum thread, you may see a Telligent employee reference a feature request:

or a bug:

These references of feature requests and bugs are directly linked to our project management process. As the change is reviewed, scheduled for a release, and completed, the embedded feature/bug reflects its current state.

If you don't want to keep reloading the same discussions over and over again to check on their progress, when the work is completed, the integration will reply to the support thread with the completion details including the versions affected (including hotfixes!). If you're subscribed to the thread, you'll get a notification.

We've added this integration to our ideation tools as well. We're going to be using ideation much more actively to help shape our roadmap and as those ideas are scheduled into a release and fixed, the integration will update the source of those changes: customer ideas. If you're subscribed to the ideas you care about, you'll be notified when those ideas are scheduled into a release and when they're completed.