The lifecycle policy is defined around the following milestones.

  • General Availability (GA)
    • Generally Available; means the date on which a Product or Version of a Product is available for sale or license to Verint's general customers.
  • End of Sale (EoS)
    • "EoS" or "End of Sale" means a Version of a Product is no longer sold (excluding any expansion sales of existing installations, which shall not serve to extend the EoS period). End of Sale occurs when either (i) Verint releases the next Version of that Product, or (ii) Verint issues notice, either in writing or on its related website, that it no longer intends to sell that Product.
  • End of Mainstream Support (EoMS)
    • “EoMS” or “End of Mainstream Support” means, unless otherwise extended by Verint via notice in writing, including on Verint’s related Support website, the period ending three (3) years after EoS. 
  • End of Maintenance (EoM)
    • “EoM” or “End of Maintenance” means the date announced by Verint as the last day in which any Support will be provided by Verint for that Version of the Product, or if applicable, that Product; provided such date is after the date applicable to EoMS. In the event Verint does not announce a specific date for EoM, EoM shall occur twelve (12) months from EoMS. ​
​Software Updates ​End of Sale to End of Mainstream Support ​End of Mainstream Support to End of Maintenance ​Post End of Maintenance
​Existing Error Corrections/Workarounds ​Included ​Included ​N/A
​New Error Corrections/Workarounds ​Included ​N/A ​N/A
​Product Support Access ​Included ​Included ​N/A
​New Versions* ​Included ​Included ​N/A

* New Versions may require the procurement by Customer of additional hardware, related third party software and/or installation and configuration services.​

The following table defines lifecycle milestones for Verint Community products.
Product Versions GA EoS EoMS EoM
Community ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ 11.1 Nov 2019 TBD TBD TBD  
11* Jun 2019 Nov 2019 Jun 2022 TBD  
10.3* Dec 2018 Jun 2019 Jan 2021 Jun 2021  
10.2* Aug 2018 Dec 2018 Aug 2020 Feb 2021  
10.1* Aug 2017 Aug 2018 Feb 2020 Aug 2020  
10* Feb 2017 Aug 2017 Feb 2020 Aug 2020
9.x Dec 2015 Feb 2017 Dec 2018 Jun 2019
8.5 Nov 2014 Dec 2015 May 2017 Nov 2017
8.0 Mar 2014 Nov 2014 Sep 2016 Mar 2017
7.6 (Enterprise 4.6) May 2013 Mar 2014 Jan 2016 Jul 2016