Hide abusive reported content using automation

We are creating an automation to flag content as abusive with some additional checks. We want to hide that content irrespective of Abusive Reports Threshold. Is there any way we can achieve it?

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    As  mentioned any content that is flagged by admins immediately goes into moderation. 

    Under Administration > Moderation there are many things that can be pre-configured to flag content as abusive. 

    Moderation Options and Filtering Are Both the Basic Moderation Options. You can also go to Administration > Applications > And Each Applicaiotn Type Has its Own Filtering Options (I.e. What formatting, embedding, URLS, file types, file sizes,etc). But also within this moderation area - there is a section called abuse automation  - where you have options like forbidden word counts, link counts, email address counts, text repetition, etc.) 

    You also could look to enable workflows for content - forcing content to be entered within the moderation queue and can then only be approved by admins or those who have the proper permissions. These workflows can typically be defined at each application level 

    Not sure if any of this is exactly what you are looking for. 

  •  Thanks  , We tried Abuse automation - forbidden word counts, but it was not catching the spam thread due to some settings conflict. Now my team resolved it

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