Unable to Move Events

We are trrying to move events from one Calendar to another and the Move button is not displaying. After some troubleshooting, we see that the $core_v2_ui.ConvertContent function is not returning anything.

We then tried to fire a $core_v2_contentConversion.Convert call, and it returned an empty object. Lastly, we tried the REST API endpoint to convert the content and got a 500 error. 

How do we resolve this issue? $core_v2_contentConversion.ListTargetContentTypes is returning an empty array for Calendar Events. Is this the root cause of the issue?

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  • Unfortunately, this isn't something that Verint do OOTB which is rather frustrating.

    +1 to this. We're doing a lot more work with events and trying to really emphasize our community calendars. I've previously given access to a lot of employees to create events but they were frequently adding them to the wrong calendar. I've had to revoke a lot of that access and it mostly falls on me to create events now because the events can't be moved but have to instead be recreated when it's posted incorrectly. It's a big time suck for me and limits the ability of having my coworkers be enabled on our community platform. 

    I didn't find an existing Idea for this, so I just created  Add ability to move Calendar Event content type  

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