New Content Count Last X Days

Hello All,

Looking for the EXACT definition of New Content Count Last X Days in the Groups Summary report. Can anybody help me with this?

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  • Hi  

    (From what I understood)  It is "HOW MANY PIECES OF CONTENT WERE CREATED IN THE SPECIFIED DATE RANGE (Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days).

    The percentage that you see below the content count number is How Much more Content (In terms of %) Was Created Over the last 7 or 30 Days - As Opposed to the previous last 7 or 30 days before the specified date range. 

    The Content Includes: 

    - Article Pages

    - Blog Post

    - Comments

    - Forum Threads

    - Forum Replies (Separate from Comments)

    - Events

    - Idea

    - A file

    - A Wiki Page

    Was this what you were looking for? 

  •   That was indeed what I was looking for. Thank you so much for taking the time to help. I'm struggling a bit with the terms as I have to be VERY specific and I could not find in the documentation the difference between. 

    New Content:
    Active Content: Content that was acted on during the selected filter range (according to reporting description). That is then either Created or Existing.
    Engaged Content:
    Contributed Content
    Originated Content

    The irony is that my reports show New Content > Active Content. So not sure yet how to explain that.

    I know the difference between

    Originator: somebody who creates something
    Contributor: somebody who types something in response to a created post
    Engager: somebody who clicks on something: like, bookmark, share, etc
    Active Member: somebody who does any of the above

    And hence the mapping to the content types but this one eluded me

    Your description overlaps with what is determined to be for Active Member.

      perhaps an idea to add to the documentation? There are so many terms that people assume they know but a mapping would be good.