Whitespace above video upload


I uploaded a video into a generic content widget on a group homepage and there is some whitespace above the video and the widget header that I cannot account for. Does anyone know what might be happening here?

Removed duplicate upload.
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  • If you edit the Generic Content widget, and go to the source code of the content, does the video have "height=711" defined anywhere? If so, delete that (and any other height specifications) from the HTML and see if that does it. I haven't looked close into it, but the content editor adds some specific height/weight dimensions on images and videos and doesn't always calculate the way you'd want. 

  • So I didn't exactly figure out the whitespace solution, rather I found an alternative to using the generic content widget. Instead of re-uploading the video, I used the Unfiltered HTML widget to reference the video that is already uploaded in the media gallery of the group.

    To my great shame. it took me too long to figure this approach out but it looks a lot better now:

    For anyone interested, here's the HTML code I used (including specifying the frame to show on page load so to avoid the initial black screen of the video):

    <video width="100%" height="" controls preload="metadata">
    <source src="">community.arm.com/.../Why-Did-You-Become-an-Arm-Ambassador_5F00_.mp4.mp4 type="video/mp4">
    Your browser does not support the video tag.